Some Bethelites are Jackasses

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  • Old Goat
    Old Goat

    Rachael de Vienne is one of the authors of Separate Identity, a history of the Watch Tower's earliest years. She's received low grade harassment from the Watchtower for years. She posted about it on her personal blog. She 'tweeted' Penton's good review of Schulz and de Vienne's biography of Nelson Barbour. The Towerites can't touch Penton, so they harassed her.

  • sparrowdown
    Theocratic warfare is hell! Also very stupid if you leave a trail.
  • cappytan
    How is visiting her page harassment?
  • Old Goat
    Old Goat
    She is obviously leaving details out. she says she is.
  • SimonSays

    Another promoter of Penton. Do you people get paid to promote bloggers? If not you should. Narcissism at its highest. Nelson H. Barbour the forgotten prophet. This bell has been ringing since the 30’s and apparently hasn’t stopped. Not even Wikipedia makes that claim. You people really need to speak with modern day bible students instead of spreading foolish mistaken chronology. Lorenzo is one of them, you know him as “Lars”

  • Old Goat
    Old Goat


    You obviously haven't read Schulz and de Vienne's bio of Barbour. You made up your mind based on the title. In "watchtower parlance" that marks you as foolish. You are mislead by your tendency to rush to judgment.

    Assume some personal responsibility and avoid posts you know will upset you.

    A supporter of Penton? Who? Me? Dr. de Vienne? be more specific. I don't see anything on this post that supports Penton - or on de Vienne's blog post.

    I have no problem recommending Penton's books. The third edition of Apocalypse Delayed is excellent. First edition not so much. I may not always agree with him, but he as the academic credentials to write the book. So do Schulz and de Vienne. And you? not so much. You make things up and decide you've struck intellectual gold.

    If you disagree with Penton or with the content of Schulz and de Vienne's books, support your opinion with some facts. Start with reading the books. Something you so obviously have not done.

  • rebel8

    That blog post is very confusing.

    The main gist is they are "harassing" her by visiting her blog. The purpose of blogs is to bring people to it. If you don't want people reading your writings, you use a diary, not a blog.

    Also, visiting your blog is not harassing at all.

    Secondly, this:

    I've even had them try to change my lesson plans for my school classes

    What now?

  • adjusted knowledge
    adjusted knowledge
    Simonsays is so funny. She is so obsess with her fellow apostates and what we write.
  • Old Goat
    Old Goat


    There's a back story there found somewhere on her blog. Two elders from the local congregation visited her in her home asking her to stop teaching a reading/literature class that used contemporary fantasy fiction. Think dragons and fairies and similar. Remember, she isn't a witness and never was one.

    Apparently some Witness child wanted to take the class and their parents wouldn't let them. So the elders felt, I guess on the basis that her mother was a Witness, free to rant at her over it.

    Dr. de Vienne teaches Advance Placement and gifted and talented classes in a K-12 setting. She lives across the Columbia River from me.

  • Old Goat
    Old Goat
    .... also, as I understand it from her previous posts, there is more involved than a visit.

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