The social institution of the Kingdom Hall.

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  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    It is a warm sunny day, blue skies and I am excited by the prospect this Sunday holds. Will I dismantle a motorbike? paint a picture? Or play football with my boy?

    Maybe all three!!

    However it was not so long ago I was denied such choice on a Sunday.You see I belonged to the " social institution" we named the "Kingdom Hall". It was a strange place, where everyone was " brother" or " sister" and " truth" equaled "it may be so" or if not someday, someone on our behalf will " guess again".

    Oh looking back, I realise I wasted so many Sunday's, in a place where " self realisation" means "acceptance" and " to question" means " to suffer"

    " We shall see, we shall see" says the " blind man" and we all opened our watchtowers, and closed our hearts to warm sunny days, dismantling bikes, painting pictures, and playing with our loved ones.

    So how about you? Have any of you got anything better to do than go to the K.H today?

    The Rebel.

  • smiddy

    I don`t know where you are Rebel , but it`s been bloody cold here , these past few days. But of course it is winter here.

    That you now have a chance to play football with your boy ? that`s great ., do it .

    We have all wasted many , many years in being slaves to the WTB&TS , putting our lives on hold , waiting for the never , never ,.ever , elusive paradise , that after 140 years is still just around the corner. It`s imminent .

    Yeah , right , pull the other leg.

    I sleep in Sunday`s , sometimes I even sleep in Saturdays depending how I feel , I am not dictated to , as to how I spend my time anymore by some dickheads in Brooklyn .

    I am free from guilt that is always put upon you in this religion , that you are never doing enough , nor are you contributing enough to further Kingdom interests , not in so many words, but the inference is always their .


  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    Pure sarcasm and the complete opposite of what goes on at the "Kingdom Hall" as sang and written by Van Morrison on the " Wavelength" L.P

    " Kingdom Hall"

    Down at the Kingdom Hall

    They were having a party, they were having a ball,

    Bells were ringing out and the choir was singing,

    Hej Liley, liley, liley, hey, liley,liley,low

    Do do do do do do do do.

    The Rebel.

  • OnTheWayOut

    The day is a fortune cookie without Watchtower obligations. You can choose to open it and read it and be enthralled by it, or you can choose to eat or not eat the cookie itself, or you can choose to do something else and ignore the whole thing. (Maybe some poet would like to shorten that.)

    In the days of JWism, there was so much to do, especially on weekends. Now, there's so much to choose to do or not to do. It is awesome.

    I will enjoy something of the great outdoors today. My schedule was changed last-minute by a co-worker's mother's passing and a visitation scheduled for today, but that's okay- the rest of the day is mine and not Watchtower's.

  • DarioKehl

    Cold beer, masturbation and a bike ride into the city (while listening to atheist podcasts). I'll close the day with a scary or demonic slasher movie--R-rated, of course--and whack off again before going to bed. Fuck the cult, fuck the hall, fuck meetings, may the GB get cancer, Hail satan!

    can anyone suggest a good obscure super twisted horror movie? I've seen just about everything and I need to be wowed.

  • dubstepped
    My wife and I are going to meet some new friends at their house. We are walking from there to a new neighborhood pizza place that's getting great reviews. Who knows what the day will hold. That's part of the fun, getting to organically shape your day rather than having them all dictated to you.
  • Incognito
    masturbation and a bike ride into the city

    How do you have the energy...for a bike ride?

  • The Marvster
    The Marvster

    Oh, what a crazy day... this morning while hanging out clothes to dry, stood there thinking 'I'm so glad I left the 'truth'... I was so happy, it just came from nowhere... I think it's because I realised I don't need to go on field service EVER AGAIN..

    then went for a bus ride and to have a full-English breakfast at the Asda supermarket.. from there moved across the square to Starbucks, got a Medium Caramel Latte, and sat reading for an hour and a half while watching all the shoppers, lazily walking around or hurrying somewhere, I just love to watch people from the window, it was one of my first hobbies as a toddler...

    then took a couple of buses back home passing the low flying airplanes near the airport (I'm obsessed with airplanes), then sat down at my electric Piano and worked on some tunes for about 4 hours....

    watched a few 'why I left the watchtower' videos on youtube, and now while I'm reading off this forum, have the Oscar Peterson trio Jazz concert from Brussels 1957 in the background... I had no idea the day would turn out this way...

    There was a part of the day when I felt 'very lonely' and in pain, but just sat with it, without feeling something's wrong..... feeling much better now....

  • millie210

    A windy stormy day yesterday blew a lot of leaves around. So after enjoying coffee outside, I skimmed the leaves from my pool. Then I decided to jump in and hang out a while on this beautiful sunny morning.

    Now I am home making a late brunch of toasted ciabatta, fresh cut fruit and more coffee.

    This is ever so much better use of a morning than putting on a dress and going to listen to a mind numbing talk/Watchtower!

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    The Kingdom Hall where madness is sanity, and things are not what they are, and neither are they what they are supposed to be. And what is belived is only said for the sake of recognition, and recited from little magazines that contain a useless, nasty and hostile message.

    So I am glad I am out, and that I moved a head with my life. But what really made today special was the the realisation so many here have been through the same as me, and have also found life can be beautiful outside the K.H.

    The Rebel.

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