How Scary Are Circuit Overseers Now?

by minimus 20 Replies latest jw friends

  • nevaagain

    in my last congregation the CO prevented us from having the sunday meeting at 1pm, saying the congregation needs to go out in service more on sunday and the meeting would prevent that. still nobody wanted to be out in service on sundays and when the CO changed the meeting was finally moved from 5pm back to 1pm.

    its so funny, the day that every witness has free time and at the same time its most likely that you will find people at home, nobody wants to be out preaching.

    Also I was a literature servant at that congregation and the days before the CO would came, my elder boss wanted the binder where i keeped the literature documents to be in perfect shape. Rest of the year there was no need for that I guess.

    There is a lot of work and a lot of micro management going on for something you do voluntary.

    You are also supposed to count the remaining literature every month and fill the form for that. Man nobody has time for that!

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