How Scary Are Circuit Overseers Now?

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    I always observed somewhat of a Jesus complex within the KH I was previously in. Pioneers who could never make it on time for the meeting to start always arrived early when CO visited, Elders on their best behavior up on the platform, always commending the person who just gave the answer. Always the same people having the CO and wife over for dinner! The bottom sucking really took on a new level when the CO visited.

    When CO had finished his week, all resumed normal service, late arrivals ETC!

  • The Rebel
    The Rebel

    I was never an elder, but electing to speak for the rank and file in my former congregation, we didn't find it stressful, but It was fun noticing the elders freaked out. And they did freak out. They tried hard to motivate people to do the ministry that week.

    The Rebel.

  • SecretSlaveClass

    I can only think of two examples why someone would be afraid of other human beings:

    1) They can cause you or loved ones serious bodily harm or death because you are defenseless against them for whatever reason

    2) They have the power to influence others to cause you or loved ones serious bodily harm or death against which you find yourself defenseless.

    Since a CO would doubtfully bring about either why be afraid? The most he can do is threaten your psychological well being or create a harsh social environment. Both of these are circumstantial/environmental and possible to overcome. It's up to you to change your circumstances even when the prospect of removing yourself from these circumstances/environment seems daunting.

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon
    CO visit when there is only three elders, very stressful (1970's).
  • Clambake

    What I have always wondered , do you think the average C.O knows how to write a check, check the oil in a car, do a minor home repair, change a tire, do a basic mathematical equation, operate a power tool.

    I go to a church where the pastor has a master’s degree in Computer programming with a minor in mathematics. He just felt he had a higher spiritual calling.

    You ever hear that kind of story with a C.O ? Most just dropped out of school at 16 and have been pioneers ever since. They seem to have gotten the job because they are too useless to actually survive in the real world.

  • JW_Rogue
    It is stressful for the Elders especially now that they don't have control over appointments and deletions of men in the hall. They must now try to maneuver events so that things go as they plan.
  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot
    Just out of curiosity, how can a CO be deleted if circumstances should call for it?
  • eva luna
    eva luna

    I posted to much info. so deleted some

    I will just say they make the COBE sick with nerves.

    They are pushing Sunday field service

    They are most assuredly noticing the lack of Brothers reaching out

  • ToesUp
    Little fish in a big pond. I wouldn't even invite most of the CO's to come in my home to clean the toilets. lol
  • Clambake

    I have posted this before but CO visits are like when you watch the first two Star Wars movies and think Darth Vader is the biggest dickhead in the whole galaxy and you then watch " Return of the Jedi " and realize the emperor is even a bigger asshole than Darth Vader.

    All the elders getting the hall cleaned.

    Darth Vader trying to get the Death Star operational.

    Both walk in, feel an evil presence.

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