How Scary Are Circuit Overseers Now?

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  • minimus

    Back in the day, when the CO came to the congregation, it was quite stressful for the elders and often, the rank and file.

    How is it now? Is it as big a deal as it used to be?

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher
    Now? They're as scary as my next door neighbour's window-cleaner!
  • James Jack
    James Jack


    They have complete power now, no questions asked! They make all Appointments and Deletions, don't you dare question them. They have the same power as the Apostle Paul.

  • Clambake

    I often picture COs as S.S officiers in the last days of ww2 makings sure old men and young children fight to the death for Hitler even though they knew the war was lost.

    Most are literally the most useless humans I have ever met. Never worked, usually a grade ten education, couldn't pass an entry level Christian theology level university class. Usually with a wife dumber than a bag of shit.

    I have never met one I have ever had any respect for.

  • StarTrekAngel
    LOL. Just last night in our meeting, during the local needs section, they pulled up the video projector. We were told that they org wanted us to see this video before the next visit. The whole theme of the video was about the love that CO's have for us. There was an noticeable amount of "we love each and everyone one of you" despite not really knowing you. We miss you when we leave, etc etc. The mention was made that some people think that they are there to chastise and feel scared but they wanted to assure that they were there with the intention of working together. There was also an insistence on "supporting" the visit in "any way we can"
  • StarTrekAngel
    Oh and the video opened with the reference to Paul as a "traveling overseer of the first century congregation". The video compares the modern days CO to Paul. I guess they forgot the part where Paul worked to earn a living.
  • millie210

    People used to be in awe of and in fear of C.O.s,

    The problem now is much worse.....

    people just dont give a flip. They are way to busy with real life to immerse themselves in his visit.

    Brothers dont want to be servants or reach out so why would they curry favor with a C.O.?

  • John Aquila
    John Aquila

    As scary as this;

    Image result for mouse pic

  • BluesBrother

    Nowadays I find them to be just "company men" . The middle managers of a large corporation who call in to keep an eye on things and report back, but have no real power or personality. The ones these days are the product of Pioneer School, born-ins with no experience of the real world. They go out of their way to be chummy and don't try to have gravitas.

    If you are a Brit, do you recall Ernie Beaver, Ted Wright, John Blaney? Men like that would have you quake in your boots, and they had something interesting to say when they gave a talk.

    This present lot are just cardboard cut-outs by comparison

  • minimus

    Interesting comments...clambake, that was funny! So they have more power but nobody gives a sht

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