Local Congregation Takes Away My Dad's Phone Hook-Up (HE'S 85 YRS. OLD)

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  • ToesUp

    We still have a lot of contact withing the org. We are hearing tons of friends and family that have completely quit donating. Some of these people are very well off and are proud to tell you they no longer contribute. Of course, we just LOVE to hear this.

    What the idiots at WTBS don't seem to understand is you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. Oh well!

  • blondie

    It varies from congregation to congregation. One family member's congo makes them ask for the password each time they are going to sign on (even if old and housebound). Another never changes it, has the same one another family member used (dead 3 years) and it is still valid.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Heaven: Old people are useless to cults.

    Old POOR people are useless to cults.

    There. I corrected it for you.


  • Tenacious
    Simple. Give them a formal warning that you will be writing to the Branch Office and advising them of their actions.
  • minimus
    Imagine an 85 year of person who actually wants to listen at the meetings and is told, they don't qualify to get to do that. That's pretty bad when you think of it. They are so similar to Pharisees.
  • violias
    They probably won't give him a password b/c of you-- known apostate. I had very similar problems with my aged mom. They talked smack about me , b/c mom told me so. It upset her a lot, I was her only support. When she was in nursing home some pioneers used to come to visit her. SOME of encouraging things they would do were: telling mom she was sinning-- In fact they said she had already sinned. ( not b/c of me, related to some activity at nursing home) She got very depressed and I noticed it but she would not tell me what was wrong. Finally the staff told me and they said that if those persons from her church came in here again they were going to ask them to leave. I had to have a screaming conversation with an elder to get this STOPPED. Who in their RIGHT MIND goes and tells an old demented person they are sinning? They really should screen the publishers before they let them visit the old, sick, depressed or demented. Most people would have better sense but not these pioneers, dumb and dumber.
  • NoMoreHustle

    they still send me the schedule for the weekly meeting schedule (mass e-mail, to all publishers in cong.)

    so at the bottom of page back in June it said

    "those on the phone hook-up please do not be too noisy, so that the others on phone will not be distracted"

    and yet they choose not to give him the code, we have asked 3 times already & they say "NO"

    they don't care about us, it's so obvious. true elitism at it's best

  • Sabin

    I think Brandnew say`s it all. Obviously she knows the elders in your dad`s cong, & is absolutely correct.

  • sparrowdown

    What's that beeping sound???

    The ark doors closing.

  • Hoffnung

    Can't you feel the love┬┐ How would we be able to recognize true Christians┬┐ JW are a real bench mark .... for Pharisees

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