Local Congregation Takes Away My Dad's Phone Hook-Up (HE'S 85 YRS. OLD)

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  • NoMoreHustle

    this happened about 6 months ago, didn't really have an opportunity to post about it (been busy), but they still haven't given back his password for the phone hook-up. they say that this is direction from the "branch office".

    I think it's complete BS, the real reason why they are doing this is to punish me & my family because I am basically a ghost when it comes to meetings & any type of activity. I only go to take father or go with my wife (that has still not waken up yet)

  • brandnew
    Bully , [email protected] , punk elder , bitches😡
  • Calebs Airplane
    Calebs Airplane
    So they suspect you're uploading meeting content to YouTube?
  • DarioKehl

    This seems to be a recent pattern of behavior across the board. It used to be available for anyone to call in---my family did it all the time when dealing with illness. However, lately, it seems they're guarding those passwords like Fort Knox.

    I'd be interested to hear a current elder's take on this; whether it not it's "new direction" and if so, how recently this was implemented.

    My cynical nature points to only one reason: if butts ain't in the seats, bills ain't gonna find their way to the contribution boxes.

    It's meant to discourage people from making a habit of attending remotely, especially now that they've launched such an aggressive real estate scheme. It wouldn't surprise me if they begin charging a nominal service fee to use the call-in feature.

  • Oubliette


    Sigh ...

    Let's review: It's a cult!


  • ToesUp

    I have heard of this happening to a lot of the older JW's. We have heard a lot of complaints from ones we still talk to and some family members regarding these little Hitlers holding back on the dial up.

    Wow...can you just feel the love!

    What I can't understand is, you are still receiving the "spiritual food", even if you are dialed in. That should be the most important thing, right? No! The most important thing is CONTROL!

    Vote with your wallets! Hit em where it hurts!

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once
    I was told that they wanted the person to make all the meetings they can so they can be encouraged. BS, they want the cash.

    Which rule? which letter ? where is the directive? show me! etc etc

    They are being as we say in my part of the world - Full of Kak !

    [Pronounced : kuck btw]
  • SafeAtHome
    How sad. They waste hours knocking on doors where no one is home or standing on street corners, yet they don't care if the elderly who have been faithful for years get their "spiritual food". Why won't things like this wake more up? Just so sad.
  • NoMoreHustle

    yeah they basically suck a$$, my dad is a faithful baptized publisher for about 20 years, only really came in because of me, now I regret it immensely. he just walks around mumbling "maybe they'll give the code"

    he is though starting to figure out that this is all BS

    I showed him the "footloose dancing video" a few months ago, needless to ay he was floored

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