Local Congregation Takes Away My Dad's Phone Hook-Up (HE'S 85 YRS. OLD)

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  • Oogie
    My old hall changed the password every 6 months...in you weren't deemed worthy of it, they just wouldn't update you.
  • punkofnice
    My 1st question is, who pays for the hook up?
  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    punkofnice - the cong pays - to the U.S. company who set this system up, http://khconf.com/

    Either £48 or £96 per year, depending on the number of listeners signed up for.

  • punkofnice
    searcher - depending on the number of listeners signed up for.

    Do you think they're cutting costs so that they can give money to their holinesses the watchtower rock star popes?

  • Doctor Who
    Doctor Who

    We had an Elders meeting with the CO about 6 months ago on this. Basically he stated that the pin # needed changed 'often' with those who have access to it 'reviewed at that time to see if the fit the requirements to use the telephone system."

    He went on to say that those with "long term sickness may be able to physically make the meetings, but we have made it too easy for them to not be there. Can we offer them rides to the meetings? Is there someone in their family that can get them to the meetings? If so, these one would NOT qualify for the hook-up."

    Quotes are directly from my notes...

  • Doctor Who
    Doctor Who
    BTW....this is one of the things that caused me to 'wake up." It also helped me to turn down my appointment to be an Elder. I mean, seriously!?!? If this is 'love' as shown by the org, then they can keep it.
  • Heaven
    Old people are useless to cults. Maybe this is an opportunity for your Dad to do something far more interesting like clip his toenails.
  • ToesUp

    "these ones would NOT qualify for the hook-up."

    I'll tell you what we don't qualify for anymore....DONATIONS! Oh, it feels so good!

    Hey all....if the WTBS is pissing you off, vote with your wallets. Hit em where it hurts!

  • Heaven

    ToesUp said: Hey all....if the WTBS is pissing you off, vote with your wallets. Hit em where it hurts!

    ToesUp is spot on. Stop donating and start anti-witnessing. I think these 2 can be very effective weapons against the Borg.

    Since I assumed POA responsibilities for my Dad, the Borg has received the sum total of zero dollars from him. The cash flow came to a screeching halt when I took over. He had been giving them thousands of dollars.

  • Splash

    Write to bethel.

    Tell them your father contributes to the running costs, but the elders have stopped him listening in.
    Say that you are writing to bethel because the elders are telling you they are following branch directions.

    Explain that you have spoken to lots of witnesses at your hall and in your circuit about this and they are all disgusted at the unloving way the elders are abusing their power.
    Then tell them that as a consequence your father no longer contributes and can no longer attend.

    End by saying that you are only letting them know what's going on, and do not wish to hear back from them.

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