Epigenetics and Why Women are Stripey

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  • Viviane
    While i was only in IT, I worked with almost every department to prepare database systems for each of their functions. I have participated on certain medical studies conducted in this hospital by means of assisting the doctors conducting the research. I helped determine how to best store and analyze the information from an IT perspective. After participating in those meetings, I can tell you that if you were a fly on that wall, you would never want a doctor to touch you again without consulting with 3 or 4 others.

    Stick to "only in IT". Everything after that except "store information" is pretend knowledge.

  • LisaRose
    Sorry Cofty, I think I helped derail this thread with discussion of cancer research and my cat, but people should watch the video, it's a very good, basic explanation about one part of genetics that anyone can understand.
  • DJS


    Epigenetics and Why Women are …….. STRIPEY???

    WTF? Stripey??? I was reading this and hoping for an answer to all of the questions I have about why the XXers are SO many things. But Stripey??

  • StarTrekAngel

    Ahh! I have to love you Viviane! I thought we were in this forum to not read more than is necessary into people words. I am trying to keep my explanations short. It was just an opening statement into the idea that many of us have never heard this type of conversations. I feel the need to explain my role in the matter so that no one thinks I am pretending to have qualifications that I don't have. I am not claiming to be an expert. I am trying to explain to cofty why I feel the way I feel about certain medical professionals. Nothing more.

    Where is the pretend knowledge? I said I felt misunderstood, not ignorant. I know I am ignorant in many things. I tried to explain my experience from my perspective and Cofty may have felt that I was bashing the many researchers and doctors who have helped advance the human cause.

    Is that a bit more clear?

  • Simon

    That was an interesting video. Also scary ... I was watching it and it's not just amazing how our bodies work but that anything works at all. Incredible. I should learn more about cellular biology as it's fascinating.

    Reminded me of the other article someone posted that compared it to computing - there are so many similar elements.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Thanks for the vid, Cofty, very interesting.

    I vaguely remember learning a bit about epigenetics in one of my modules at uni.

    I thought the changes of configuration of DNA plus histones = active/inactive chromosome was fascinating. I remember a lecturer telling me that microRNA may also be involved in epigenetics - I can't remember details off the top of my head but I found it interesting at the time.

    As you can probably tell, genetics isn't my forte

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