Epigenetics and Why Women are Stripey

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    This might well be part of the mechanics of evolution. There is no doubt there is social evolution just as much as there is biological evolution. If you can find a way to reconcile both, then you have an even more complex mechanism by which we decide the faith of humanity one little action at a time.

    Off course the above assumes that the extent to which epigenetic plays a role is a fact, but the idea is not far fetched.

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    Fascinating, thanks for sharing!
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    I have had a hard time imagining 6 billion letters of genetic code having evolved over the last 5 billion years... - Little Soc

    Don't forget that about 80% of it is non-coding. If anybody wants to cite the encore project please do some research first.

    The vast majority of it originated form copying errors. Imagine copying a block of text and then holding down Ctrl+V

    There is a species of rice with orders of magnitude more DNA than humans.

    The complexity is astonishing but that is not reason to resort to mystery. Scientists are unravelling the details and it's astonishing.

    The implication is that the information came first. DNA is just a representation of that information

    There is no "information" in the sense that you mean. It is just chemicals doing their thing. Information is just a very apt analogy.

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    There is no money in taking care of people. Modern medicine does not cure root causes, it manages symptoms - STA

    I find cynicism of hard-working doctors and researchers who have transformed the fate of millions of people to be distasteful.

    There is no doubt there is social evolution just as much as there is biological evolution

    Social "evolution" is a metaphor. Biological evolution is a physical reality.

    Made me wonder about the whole understanding people had during biblical times regarding the sins of their fathers coming to get them later

    No that is just OT god being his vindictive self. Nothing profound or mysterious there.

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    Half banana
    I don't yet know how useful it is ...but it's good to know that women are stripey! Thanks for info Cofty.
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    If ever use that as a chat-up line let me know how it goes :)
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    What specifically does he mean when he says our behaviours can affect our epigenetics? Diet, alcohol levels, the amount of exercise we take?
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    I have nothing but praise to those who have contributed to the research and the countless hours put into it. Unfortunately, it is my experience that the outcomes of research don't necessarily reflect on patient care. At the end, the medical field will pick and choose what treatments to adopt. This most likely happen in a trickle down fashion. I have to admit though that my experience on this is limited to a more localized environment. I have worked in the hospital field. One of these hospitals is well known in the area and, as per a famous political magazine, it became a topic of discussion at the white house during the ACA debate. While i was only in IT, I worked with almost every department to prepare database systems for each of their functions. I have participated on certain medical studies conducted in this hospital by means of assisting the doctors conducting the research. I helped determine how to best store and analyze the information from an IT perspective. After participating in those meetings, I can tell you that if you were a fly on that wall, you would never want a doctor to touch you again without consulting with 3 or 4 others. People have doctors on pedestals and while I am grateful for their service, I also am aware that they are human beings. I don't want to generalize but my memory as a child of what a doctor is like, a vocation doctor, and the doctors of today, are two different things. The researchers may have the best of intention and hopefully have not bias when they conduct research but the medical field in general does not adopt every one of the news techniques or recommendations provided by the research. Issues that affect their decision on this can go a number of way but they are almost always grounded in financials. The CFO in this case had as much decision power as the CMO on the types of treatments they will accept. I would understand that this is not necessarily the case at higher levels of the medical field. I am not criticizing doctors for wanting to make smart financial or career choices. This is just the way they are educated. I am criticizing the medical practice in general because it doesn't necessarily put patients first.

    As far as social evolution, I have to respectfully disagree. I believe the way be behave as a society and the things we allow or not allow to happen as a society cause ripple effects on the future of human race. Think about what would have happened if, for example, Alan Turing would have been allowed to continue his work without judgement? Martin Luther? How many others like them have died without realizing their full potential or any support? Off course, as I try to compare it to biological evolution, is a slow process. One human being can not easily make a huge change.

    On the last topic, I meant to refer to their belief that the "sins" were coming to get them but in reality, it could be said that the way they behaved had an actual effect on their life. Is all along the same theme. Is the same way that many of the "old wives' tales" of the past, are coming back now and in some cases science is finding an explanation for them and they actually work.

    Sorry. I felt a need to clarify because I felt misunderstood.

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    ...meanwhile on the fascinating topic of genetics...

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