A Judicial experience.

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  • Doctor Who
    Doctor Who
    John, I am sorry about your experience. Unfortunately, it is things like these that has to happen to wake some of us up. The totalitarian rules of the Society is causing its foundations to crumble. I just hope I am still alive to see its total collapse!
  • John Aquila
    John Aquila

    Hi John,

    The young girl and her families story upset me quite a bit.

    From this account it is clear how alone and isolated Jehovah's Witnesses who experience trouble actually are and how the organization can rain devastation on an already tragic situation.

    My consolation and prediction (circa 2100): No one will attend the Watchtowers funeral. No one will care that it died. Good riddance.

    Yes the jws are all alone when disaster strikes them and they don’t realize it until it happens. Even when someone dies that is loyal, their funeral talks is more of an advertisement for the organization and its meetings. I am a true believer that their demise will come before 2100

  • tiki

    Makes me wonder what really went on behind closed doors for 3 hours. And no child that age should have to meet alone with three nasty old fogies. A parent should be required to be in attendance at such meetings with minors. Of course a teenage kiss and grope is not the end of the world and should be a non issue in the first place. That org goes way into territory in which they have no business.

    But John a....I appreciate your honest and caring position and your posts. Good men don't belong in that org ...

  • joe134cd
    I think Nathan and his side kick mad Freddie have got a lot of answering to do. John wouldn't it be nice to know that your comments here may be read and of help to someone in a similar situation. John sure you may not be doing facial reconstruction but never underestimate the help you have given someone by posting this experience.
  • WingCommander

    OMG, that story is really F*cked!!!!! I really, really wonder what the 16-yr old girl had to say to you about what had happened to her for 3 whole hours?? I bet that one really eats at you huh? That you didn't get to hear her side of the story?

    Also, she was DF'd for merely being felt up by a worldly boy at school lunch? You mean to tell me her confession to such teenage mischief wasn't enough to show repentance? What the hell is WRONG with these people? Think about it......if she weren't so brainwashed from the cradle on up to feel guilty about EVERYTHING, she wouldn't have even mentioned this to adults, wouldn't have been DF'd, wouldn't have had a car accident, would still be alive and well, probably with kids of her own experimenting with normal teenage things. Totally whack!!!

    And to add insult to injury, this whacked out CULT wouldn't allow this poor girl's family to have the funeral at the Kingdom Hall? I can't believe the family didn't leave then (not just the brother) , and instead - shunned the brother? WTF is wrong with these people? Cruel, sick, CULT!

    God is love. This cult is EVIL.

  • Vidiot
    If Hell's real, there's a special place in it for elders like those guys.

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