the wonderful world wde witnessing work----or is it ?

by stan livedeath 19 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • Diogenesister
    DesirousOfChange15 hours ago

    Kinda reminds me of the old maytag repairman ( only old u.s. people would get that one)

    I resemble that!


    Awwww, I want a picture of you!!

    Go on, for us brits! I am imagining grandpa walton!

  • Calebs Airplane
    Calebs Airplane

    JWs in Russia are encouraged to actively and openly witness to people in the streets so that their persecution stories can be subsequently used in the WT rags to guilt and extract money from JWs in wealthy countries who hide behind Litter-A-Trash Carts in the shade.

    Sounds like what they did to JWs in Malawi.

  • tiki
    Maytag repairman...on yeah...obsolete. Those carts are be embarrassed by them if I were in... Like sometimes there would be an especially obnoxious awake cover and I would refuse to distribute it. Hah....I also took flack because I refused to go in drug infested neighborhoods or seedy apartment buildings.
  • tiki
    Aside...I also categorically refused to clean the hall after meetings all dressed up in good clothes. Who does shousework all dolled up??? It is so crazy..the things they do in that org.
  • vinman

    Just plain depressing. I'm so glad I never had a chance to do that crap. Just think, the GB orders them to do such. That is why I couldn't fade slowly. One day I was at the meeting, the next , vanished. Just couldn't handle the GB telling me what to do and how to do it.


    Hey now! Let's not besmirch the Maytag Man! It was not his fault that the Maytag was a superior machine, therefore requiring less maintenance! He was willing to do the work, it just wasn't necessary!

    Dubs are not qualified to do anything but sit and watch! If a wheel fell off the cart, a group of Eldubs from three congregations would descend and ponder what to do!


  • ListlessWitness
    I wish I'd taken a photo a few weeks ago, saw a couple of dubs sat on a small wall with their cart in front...of...a huge church! Felt like hollering out of the car window "BEHIND YOU! Babylon The Great is falling! RUN!"
  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    what totally pisses me off about the watchtower society is----with this huge volunteer labour force-----they could organise to be of REAL value to mankind----anything from help for the poor and needy----to specialised practical help in 3rd world countries----refugee crisis management etc--in other words helping hands alongside the red cross---sally army etc.

    in other words--earn the respect and praise of the world----a real witness to their loving god---instead of sinking to be the laughing stock which is all their own making.


    I agree 100%! Jeehoober could have sent one Angel to save a small child from being killed by a JW driver in my area, what a witness that would have been! Alas, he did nothing.

    The devastated family is left wondering why God did nothing.

    Jws are simply imitating Jeehoober.


  • violias
    Our neighborhood has been mostly left alone for almost a decade. We've seen more Baptists than jws or Mormons. About a year ago, one lone jws bro talked to me behind a door and I just said I was not interested. Just flashed his Watchtower. Yesterday a couple knocked on our door and my hubby answered. He did not recognize them as being from our local KH ( but it has been 12 yrs since anyone has even seen one of us, and prior to that it had been about 5 yrs. ) So he did not know them and he just said he was NOT INTERESTED. The lady ask why and getting a little irritated he said " I 'M JUST NOT " . They left. Maybe that was the test call from the local KH to see if we were apostates. Never know.

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