It is possible two new governing body members this year

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  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    A child of mine practically set in Fr. Franz's lap

    were there 2 witnesses present ?

  • rege  brazzy
    rege brazzy
    no,no,no female not still, but multiracial yes!
  • rege  brazzy
    rege brazzy

    any comments about ronald curzan ????


  • millie210

    Is there any non white non American candidate?

    That will be who they pick maybe?

    Arent Latin countries growing the fastest? Any Latin GB helpers?

    Or maybe someone from an African country? That would be a big score for the JWs in their "we are soooo united" spiel.

  • SafeAtHome
    smiddy What are you smoking? I want some! Haaaa!
  • rege  brazzy
    rege brazzy
  • Listener

    My guess is Harold Corkern, helper from the Publishing Committee. He was a Co Host on the August 2015 JW TV monthly program. He's served in Bethel for more than 33 years. In 2012 he was a member of the US Branch Committee. He was also President of the Kingdom Support Services Inc (2000)

    My other guess would be Mark Noumair He co hosted on the Dec 2014 JW TV monthly program and presented as helper from the Teaching Committee. Apparently he worked at the Kenyan Bethal in the mid 80s as a missionary. He is a Gillead Instructor and he is mentioned a lot in JW publications.

    It is because these guys have been privileged with Co Hosting on a Monthly TV program that I base my guess on. I can't think of a more prominent position other than presenting one of these programs as the Host.

  • smiddy


    In all seriousness my friend , if the Almighty God chose women to be judges , of the nation of Israel . as Prophet`s to the nation of Israel , and Women to sit on the throne in heaven along with Jesus Christ to judge mankind for a thousand years , according to the Bible record , who are we to dispute it ?

    Jesus Christ certainly did not discriminate against women.

    Then along comes the Apostle Paul who never met J.C., and has an obvious disdain for women who need to be put them in their place .

    And my take on this is because the Roman Catholic Church who backed Peter as the head of the Church , and Honours a woman " Mary" , the Jehovah`s Witnesses in their opposition to Catholics backed Paul not a lover of women, because we all know they the J.W`s hate the R.C. religion , and oppose it on every level .

    That`s my take anyway , for what it`s worth


  • GiftsinMen
    Does it actually matter?
  • Listener

    Yes it does matter and when all is said and done the women have the upper hand as they can't be held responsible for all the laws, procedures and being leaders in the JW religion.

    It is the JW men who have claimed that they are Ambassadors for Christ and they are head of the God's only chanel of communication, as well as being Guardians of Doctrine.

    Fortunately for them, God is forgiving if only they seek this.

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