Buddhism Anyone?

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  • Illuminated

    If you want to believe in it, believe in it, yet read Combatting Cult Mind Control before you choose to fully step into a belief system as any beliefs can be taken and a mind control cult formed out of it.

    If you want to believe what resonates with you and discard the rest, then do so. There are different levels of Buddhism, mixed in with certain aspects left out. Even then take different beliefs that make sense to you and create your own, for yourself. You don't have to squeeze yourself in a rigid box.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Buddhism allows one to focus on whatever part they like and reject whatever part they don't like. I enjoy the tranquility of eastern thought, particularly Zen Buddhism and the Tao. I don't buy that Siddartha Gotama reached a point of "enlightenment" and mystical things were within his grasp. But I also see that most Buddhists seem to be able to understand that their stories are not literal- something Christianity has forgotten.

    Siddartha Gotama probably did explore many beliefs and probably did discover "the middle path." I like that Buddhism is not focused on one right way and condemning other ways and that it really is not interested in preaching/proselytizing.

    An author who has greatly helped me find my way is Pema Chödrön. http://www.amazon.com/Pema-Chodron/e/B000AP9Y2A

  • talesin

    my two pence ...

    Like most religions, Buddhism has some good points. The Shambala school stresses "mindful meditation", which is a great healing tool.

    But then, Xtianity teaches to "Love your neighbour as yourself", which is also a good value.

    Hindis believe that every living thing is to be honoured.

    Life is what you make it - there is some truth to be found in many religions, as there is in many schools of philosophical thought ... but keep in mind that religion, is merely a CONSTRUCT. It is a metaphor and / or allegory at best, and at worst, an injurious controlling tool of the ruling classes.

    Take what you will from Buddhist thought, as you would from any fable or fairy tale, but choose your *own* ethics, your *own* morality. Refuse to COP OUT, and choose a religion or g*d to define you.


  • LaurenM
    Thanks everyone for your comments. Perhaps when one leaves a religion that dictates each step you are to take, it's easy to seek another one to not feel so lost. But, it takes courage to find ones own way without the crutch of someone else's instruction.
  • datto
    The reason it differs from one country to another is because it is not an organized cult WORLDWIDE. They don't force you to do many things, and they don't force you not to do many things. When LaurenM mentioned "it makes sense", I would say it makes more sense compared to JW. Buddhism will not force you to practise their teachings and will never DF you if you don't. They focus more on self strength & inner peace. In many countries, they pray to idols. However they didn't really need to impress the idols like how the JW needs to impress their Jehovah.
  • violias

    Just about everyday someone on my Facebook posts something about Jesus. Press Like and comment Amen if Jesus is your Savior I don't want to discourage anyone from believing- it was my life for so long. But I refuse to even "like" the Jesus posts. I just can't. What it really does is make me remember a time when I was blissfully ignorant and happy in my belief that G'd would just fix everything , like magic. ( listen to Sarah Silverman , Jesus is magic) This includes other religions too, including Buddhism. I just can't get that blissful peaceful stupid feeling, the one that says - just believe and G'd will fix it all.

    Maybe this is why G'd told Adam and Eve to not eat from the tree. Knowledge is a powerful thing and it seems there is no way back to blissful peace.

  • berrygerry


    I thought this thread was going to be about Budweiser beer enthusiasts.

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