Serious question about the Australian RC and the WTBTS.

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  • umbertoecho

    OH, I hope I read the heading correctly. The victims list is climbing and all sections of the JW male oriented community are mentioned.

    Forgot to tell you people about this...........Yesterday morning I was told about a new sort of regulation called...........Bystander guilt.

    Yes!!! It means exactly what it says. Those who stood by and did nothing are not about to get off lightly!!

  • umbertoecho
    Should I have made that a topic?
  • Oubliette

    Thanks Londo for the summary.

    So nearly 11% of the abusers were "appointed men".

  • Village Idiot
    Village Idiot
    That one listed circuit overseer is scary. They go from congregation to congregation.
  • Splash

    I thought bystander guilt was a personal, moral guilt felt by someone who did not act to prevent something happening when they had the opportunity.

    Does you mean it will become a recognised crime?


    Wow! Thanks everyone. I remembered some threads in the past about a hearing in Victoria, Australia. I thought the WTBTS lied back then and claimed that there weren't any Eldubs or Servants involved, but I was wrong.

    So, unlike the GB, I admit my error. The good lawyers for the WTBTS said that only 2 "Ministers" have ever been involved in sexual abuse since the arrangement for Eldubs began! They were only speaking about Victoria, evidently...

    Here is a little reminder of their thinking pattern ( Legalism ) which infects the entire WTBTS. You KNOW the Australian RC has read this stuff!! It ain't over folks!


  • freddo

    Keep us posted umbertoecho - this is really good stuff. Thank you!

    Do you know whether there might be another "public" hearing day with JW's? They did an extra one for dear Geoffrey I wonder if they might schedule some more?

  • pronomono


    Which of the bazillion PDFs were those numbers in? I'd like to print it off to show my wife. We just started discussing this some last night. She seemed to think that it was mostly the rank and file, but I didn't have any evidence to back up my thoughts, so I just said I'm sure there were appointed brothers too, but didn't really know. The circuit overseer being on the list is crazy too.

  • pronomono
    I found the spreadsheet..... So I'm assuming your numbers are just added up from that. Thanks for the summary Londo!
  • Londo111
    Yep, they are from the spreadsheet.

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