Serious question about the Australian RC and the WTBTS.

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    I have not been in a position to watch all of the interviews, so I'm sure that I missed a few things. Here is my question. Were either Elders or Ministerial Servants accused of sexually abusing children, or were the accused just lowly R&F publishers or bible studies?


  • StarTrekAngel

    At least one of the accused was an elder. They did not analyze every case. Just one of the most representative. Have you at least read the story? is crazy!

  • Witness My Fury
    Witness My Fury
    If you mean the 1006, then yes there were elders and MS in that list but i cant remember the exact numbers just now

    I know it's crazy. I have a particular reason for asking my question.


  • Londo111

    From looking at the PDF the Royal Commission posted:

    Only 89 listed who were not JWs.

    24 whose status is unclear or missing.

    89 unbaptized publishers.

    688 parishioners…I assume they are publishers.

    8 pioneers.

    69 ministerial servants (4 might be elders…listed either elder or MS)

    38 elders.

    1 circuit overseer.

  • freddo

    The main case with all the interviews was abuse by a convicted pedo who I believe was a Ministerial Servant. But the thrust of it was how poorly it was handled by the investigating elders. Then by the appeal committee elders. And the Branch Service Desk. And Legal Desk. And finally it highlighted that they were all obeying and protecting the Governing Body.

    Other things came out such as 1006 cases of which none were reported to the police by investigating elders or the branch.

    I also believe the records showed that some accused appointed abusers who may have got off on the two witness rule and its poor application were reappointed years later. Even some judicially found guilty and reproved or DF'd I believe were reappointed when the dust had settled and years had gone by..

    Etc Etc Etc

    Read it. Watch it.

  • Sabin
    these are the ones they know about. There will be thousands more. I know of two child rape victims where it was never reported to the police. One sister who is now in her 50`s is aware that something happened to her when she was little but her brain hasent brought the details forward. Her fleshly sister & brother both know about it & have said nothing. Her sister told me it`s a kindness on her part not to say & the elder who raped her when she was 12 was convicted anyway so that makes it o.k. Apparently 17 girls have come forward so far. I think when you step back from the witnesses you can see so clearly how cruel they are. It makes you wonder how the hell you didn't see it before.
  • berrygerry

    A fair number of elders, MS, and pioneers were not removed, never mind not DF'd.

    (The commission has a spreadsheet of each attacker.)

  • Mephis
    Pre-hearing, the WBTS tried to argue that only elders and ministerial servants accused of abuse should be counted as their responsibility - and then only if it didn't involve abuse within their own families. (There are letters from their solicitor trying to make that case in the exhibits.) The commission rejected that argument as their focus has not just been on 'who', but also the culture/context/processes within JWs and how that influences both abuse and also the response to reports of abuse. But the two examples provided by the survivors' personal testimony did involve an elder, who was acting in loco parentis to a teenage girl, and a ministerial servant who abused his own daughters.
  • umbertoecho

    1,700 and climbing since it started. I was called yesterday for some encouragement by a staff member. They are loaded up with people coming forward, the stories are incredibly similar, and amazingly, the age group is between 50 and 65 years of age. All this time has gone by and only now are those who were truly abused, feeling free enough to come forward....The staff of 300 are collecting all the information and will interview those willing to be interviewed. They are also going to ask for "suggestions" from the victims......

    I didn't know that bit until yesterday.

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