"We don't run a spy network"

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  • OrphanCrow

    The WTS has been keeping case files on child sex abuse for over 60 years that we know of.*damn...my whole post disappeared...

    The WTS has been keeping case files on child sex abuse for over 60 years that we know of. In Australia, the files on 1006 abusers date back 65 years. And, none of those files were made available to the authorities until the Royal Commission requested them.

    In the States, there has been reports that the WTS keeps a documentation of over 20,000 pedophiles. Those files have yet to see the light of day.

    The WTS claims that child sex abuse is a sin, not a crime. Yet they have gone to the trouble of detailing, documenting, and storing all those files - to what end? Why would the WTS keep all that information on sex criminals for all those years? What purpose do those files serve?

    Those files are internal security files. They contain evidence that has been collected and stored, always kept on file and available to those with access to them. Those who are members of the Watchtower Society. Those files contain evidence that is potentially harmful to the ones named in them. What those files represent is control. Control over the ones named in the files.

    Just think of how much control someone would have over someone else if they held "secret" information that could be potentially criminal in nature. Many people on this forum and others have specualted that there are likley "higher-ups" in the Society who have their names in the "child abuse database" and what that possibilty brings up is how suspectible those who are on the list are to being controlled by those who hold the "secret" information.

    The collection of sensitve and potentially harmful information, as a way to exert extreme control over the members of a totaliatrian organization, is a tactic that has been used by many political regimes historically, and the WTS is no exception.

    The method that the WTS has engaged in, of collecting embarrassing and criminal details about its members, ensures a forced loyalty to the organization. And the WTS has been doing it for a looooong time.

    Pope Jackson said "We don't run a spy network" and..."We don't run a police state". Well...he can call it a tuna fish sandwich if he likes, but....it smells like a skunk just walked by.

  • punkofnice

    Perhaps they don't run a 'spy network' per se.......but they keep records of individuals that they should have reported to the police but didn't.

    The elders in some congregations do spy on facebook and social networks. I can name names of elders and their suck ups that do spy.

    Edit; Now that some more paragraphs exist in the op...

    Pope Jackson said "We don't run a spy network" and..."We don't run a police state".

    If it walks like a duck, sounds like a duck......and so forth.

    Wasn't it this database that Anonymous were trying to hack?

    The WBT$ are utter scum of the lowest order. They don't care about the victims or preventing abuse........they ony care about their reputaion and rock star life styles.

  • millie210

    I know that Punk is right on that...

    I remember my step father (elder) doing spy recon missions hiding in bushes trying to catch a cheating wife.

    I hear that they are trying to back off from that behavior now....they say they are not "spiritual police men".

    So if that is the current "stance" then what Jackson should have said is "we no longer run a spy network".

    At least he could have been accurate by his own standards!

    AND, that still wouldnt account for what OrphanCrow mentioned above...the extensive data they keep on people.

    They originally started this to try to use the info to figure out who to promote and who not so it would appear that the "Holy Spirit was even the slightest bit involved but due to the corruption that exists among their own elders too many slipped through and it hasnt been effective.

    If a person were to be objective as a believer, the evidence would indicate the Holy Spirit is working against them.

    I wish one of these hacker groups would attack them and reveal their data base.

    Here ya go JW pedophiles, meet world!

  • eyeuse2badub

    Ironic that the borg knows or knew the names and addresses of all:

    DO's, CO's, missionaries, special pioneers, regular pioneers, all elders and ms's, all bethel personnel, all df'ed, all pedophiles in the borg


    they don't know who the 'anointed' brothers of christ are? What?

    just saying!


  • LoveUniHateExams

    "We don't run a police state"

    More lies, half-truths and slipperiness, aka 'Theocratic Warfare'.

    I've read here and elsewhere, more than a few times, about adults concerned with putting up Christmas lights in the windows and being caught by 'the elders', for example. I'm talking about grown men and women doing something as harmless and inconsequential as celebrating Christmas.

    I've also read about elders literally spying on someone's house - such as sitting in a parked car and watching people coming and going (checking for 'evidence' for adultery or independently partaking of the bread and wine).

    All the above makes me believe that there are secret files of child abusers at WT HQ.

  • Giordano

    In this matter of pedophiles the JW and the WTBTS operate exactly like every other church including the Mormons......which also hides it's pedophiles.

    If the Society protects pedophiles how can they distinguish themselves as having the truth?

    Didn't Jesus say 'suffer the young children to me'........I don't think he was saying make them suffer.

    For some reason the Society, including it's past Presidents, has never warmed to children. Apparently it is part of their corporate culture. We also know that the Society is reckless with their followers health and education which severely impacts born-ins.

  • defender of truth
    defender of truth

    For any lurkers..

    For Jose Lopez, it took almost three decades to find some semblance of justice after he’d been molested – when he was 7 – by a predator who’d operated within a congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses in San Diego.

    When his case against the Witnesses concluded in October, a judge awarded Lopez $13.5 million, a remarkably large sum in an era of frequent payouts in abuse cases.

    The decision rested in part on the Witnesses’ refusal to hand over documents in the case, prompting the frustrated judge to ban the organization from making a defense.

    The Lopez case was remarkable for another reason.

    It forced the Witnesses into a rare admission:

    Somewhere within the organization, there is a trove of documents with the names and whereabouts of known child sexual abusers in its U.S. congregations.

    During the trial, a senior official from the Jehovah’s Witnesses headquarters, Richard Ashe, told Lopez’s attorney, Irwin Zalkin, that the organization had collected and electronically scanned internal documents on decades of known abuse cases. Ashe said that the Witnesses keep their child sexual abuse reports in a Microsoft SharePoint database but that it would take years to extract the information because it was mixed up with millions of other documents.

    “Honestly, Mr. Zalkin, the efforts that we’ve made up to this point is just trying to figure out how on earth we could ever do that in our filing system,” Ashe said. “You’re talking about 14,000 congregations and over 3 million documents that have been scanned and that would have to be searched. … It would take years to do that.”
    Zalkin called in a software expert who testified that by using simple search terms, the Witnesses could produce the information in less than two months, or maybe two days. At that point, the Watchtower simply refused to provide the database.


  • OrphanCrow
    defender of truth: "...about 14,000 congregations and over 3 million documents that have been scanned"

    That is quite the database, isn't it? 3 million documents - on how many members?

    Meticulous record keeping that contains secrets that could potentially harm those who the files are kept on. What a huge amount of control that represents.

    I would think that anyone whose name was on that list would be particularly vulnerable to doing whatever they were told to do by whoever knew about their sins/crimes.

    Huh...one of the JW elders actually said that if they knew about murder, they wouldn't report it. I wonder what kind of crimes besides child abuse are kept in those files and how many times that "sensitive" material has been used to remind the perpetuator of their loyalty to the Society.

  • punkofnice
    DotT - Zalkin called in a software expert who testified that by using simple search terms, the Witnesses could produce the information in less than two months, or maybe two days. At that point, the Watchtower simply refused to provide the database.

    The WBT$ are disgusting self serving scum. I rest my case.


    How's this for a conspiracy theory? All the organized churches of the world are owned by the same group. Xianity is a way to control the mindset and $$$ of Billions of people.

    All the infighting is instigated on purpose. This creates more US vs. THEM issues, which are the last thing humanity needs. This makes it possible to keep people guessing forever about which sect is the true sect.

    The Pedo priests like to appoint other pedos. They do this gradually by carefully watching the "spiritual progress" of the perpetrators. Then one day the Pedo who cleans and parks cars for years gets a call from the Branch. "Hey Brother Mctouchnstuff, how would like to be reassigned to Bethel??!"

    This is legit because being a pedo is a sin, not a crime. Many years later, Brother Mctouchnstuff is a GB Helper! He better shut the f**k upnstuff, or his name gets released.

    Just look at the sheer numbers in the PEDO-database! As already mentioned, WHY KEEP THEM??? Are not sins forgiven?? Why keep account of the injury?? If you aren't reporting THEN WHY KEEP A LIST??



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