"We don't run a spy network"

by OrphanCrow 31 Replies latest watchtower child-abuse

  • punkofnice
    Pope Jackson said "We don't run a spy network" and..."We don't run a police state".

    Punk's reply: 'No, your holiness watchtower rock star pope wacko Jacko, you more than likely run a paedophile ring along with your other 6 cronies.'

  • Vidiot

    Wozza - "...years ago a PO of my congregation asked me to another brothers house, and asked me to hack the files on the bro computer to find evidence for her alleged infidelities so they could disfellowship her from a Queensland congregation."

    I heard about something similar in the area I now live...

    ...and elder apparently broke into a congregation members' home to look for porn on the guy's computer.

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