The Vedas - Scientific Knowledge - Prophecy - The Truth?

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    Caleb that was excellent. That should be the drop the mic moment in this thread lol


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    Why are books considered sacred simply because they were written centuries ago? Most such books contain some wisdom, but it's usually wrapped up in a bunch of mumbo jumbo, which is to be expected of people who had no knowledge of science. It's like trying to use the users manual of an IBM selectric to fix your Apple computer, there may be a few things that apply, but it's mostly useless.

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    @splash , @secretclaveclass , @DJS , @Viviane - As Witnesses, you judged others as wrong, ignorant, unlearned or arrogant based on your "superior" knowledge of all things Scripture & Truth.

    It seems that not much has changed.. Now instead of being experts on all Theological matters, you've transformed yourselves into experts on Typographical Matters... Your wisdom is something to be envied.

    Google = "Title Case" "Start Case"


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    @HowTheBibleWaSCreated - "There is no such thing as a big bounce. The Universe is aout to enter a state of accelerated expansion."

    Your statement is Factually Incorrect. There is such a thing as a Big Bounce, It is a Hypothetical Model.. It corresponds to the Heat Death of The Universe. (Entropy & 2nd Law of Thermodynamics). The "Big Crunch" Is related.

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    Sanskrit is considered to be the Highest Quality Language, and Most Logical Language in Existence by Nasa

    Truth: A paper published several decades ago by an employee of NASA, writing it on his own time with no involvement of NASA, said Sanskrit's strict grammar rules make it easy for computers to interpret. End of story. So...not an indicator of divinity.

    The Vedas include Highly Accurate Prophecies of the End Days.

    How would we know it's accurate, since it hasn't happened yet?

    Their Prophecies include the Coming of Christ & The Great Flood.

    So do many religions, but there is no evidence Jesus Christ existed and The Great Flood has been thoroughly disproven.

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    LAWHFol, you start your OP with misrepresenting a paper on AI logic and language and it goes downhill from there. The idea that Newton just read texts in Sanskrit is ludicrous really. I think there are some fun ideas in the Vedas which can loosely be applied to some aspects of that blurred boundary where physics and philosophy seem to meet. But one does need to emphasise 'loosely'. And one has to be very careful of taking some of the claims which come out of India around ancient Sanskrit writing as being, well, true. eg recent claims on Sanskrit writings which are absolutely untrue include they describe spaceships and planes and gravity.
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    @Mephis - Einstein,Schrodinger,Tesla,Oppenheimer,Sagan,Bohr,Heisenberg - The Most Influential Physicists / Scientists of this Era ALL extensively studied the Vedas.

    Why would these Brilliant Minds spend so much time studying the Vedas and making known public-ally their great adoration of the Vedas, if they are simply books with some "fun" ideas in them, as you put it?

    Don't get me wrong, my argument is not intended to Prove that God inspired these books.. Rather my point is that these books are perhaps the greatest and most substantial literary works to ever come into existence... And this deserving of attention, for any one with an ounce of intellectual desire.

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    Nice to see the BK's are back with another attempt.
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    Whats a BK?

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