Window Cleaners?

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  • normie67

    You All Can Blame Me!!!!

    I was the JW in ALL the Dramas telling all young ones that Pioneering is the way to go!!!!!! I was Ted, if you remember...well I wasn't a window washer but I was a janitor to support Pioneering!!!! Thats the other job Pios do!! Here I sit, the Org says "We never said College was bad......just 4 years". Now the Org has Demos at CAs that endorse 2 year programs!!! AAAAGGGGHHH!!!! So here Teddy sits muttering to himself "I could have been a contender (somebody!!).....
    Oh well welcome to normie's world!!!!!

    normie of the "Wool pulled over his eyes Class"

  • qwerty

    Yep, I am a Window Cleaner, have been for about 15yrs. Funnily enough since becoming a Jehovah's Witness. I pack in my managerial Job to pioneer and job as a Part time soldier!

    I have another Part time Job now though. I got fed up with the mind numbingly tedious, boring work and the bad weather. I've just kept some commercial WC work that pays well.

    What I really want to do is become Fire fighter, not for the ego either, because I want to do something positive to help others and what could be better! Need to get fit first though and burn up about 1.5 Stone in weight! Then compete with about 7,000 other applicants for 40 jobs.

    I just need some will power! Which as never been the same since being a JW.

    A friend of mine say's I need to think positive. He's so right!
    I think I need to be free from the Borg first, but with family that are in, well what can I do?


  • Duncan

    "Like a lot of others here, I gave higher education a miss when I left school (1980). Under the encouragement of the Society I pioneered for three years instead!

    Now I clean windows for a living. "

    Nicolaou, this is exactly my story, you only need to change the date. In 1970 I left school at 15 (youngest legal permissible age in those days) and went window cleaning. Pioneered for 4 years and cleaned alot of windows...

    I eventually got a fulltime job when I got married (first time - to the PO's daughter) and chose a job almost by sticking a pin in the situations vacant pages. Ended up in an accounts office.

    Finally left "The Truth" completely by my mid-tewnties, and at the age of 27 decided to start studying again - night school. Five years (and one divorce)later I got qualfied as an accountant (ACCA). This was the mid-eighties and my career took off from there.

    I am now a Board member (Finance Director) of a public listed company (FTSE 250 list) which employs hundreds of people and turns over £tens of millions. I have to say I'm doing all right.

    Sorry, didn't mean to sound smug, the point is - the best decision I ever made was getting an education. It's not too late, go for it.

    best wishes


  • hippikon


    So the best decision you ever made was to make your own decisions?

    How about a loan

    "But it does move"

  • Duncan

    How about a loan

    Very kind offer, Hip.

    How much? And when do I pay you back?


    "But it does accrue" Interest

  • dmouse

    Yep, I used to clean toilets!
    At the age of 37 I enrolled in University and am currently undertaking an education degree (I want to be a (great?) teacher!).
    I'm now 40 with one year left before I get my degree.

    It seems that a lot of people go back to education once they leave the bOrg.

  • Kristen

    Count me in! I was one who was under the impression that Armageddon would happen before I finished high school (it was sooo close you know, in 1990) and then given no direction whatsoever as what to do after graduation. Follow in the footsteps of the hoards of house cleaning pioneers?

    It took me several years after that to even CONSIDER going to school–which was a very difficult thing to "rationalize" in the congregation I was in. And just catching up mentally with the rest of my peer group outside of the organization took a few years as well. Thankfully when I started fading away I started really thinking about my future. Realizing that I have a long time to work in front of me, I finally found a major that interested me and went for it. No, it's not too late if you really want it and can go for it.

    I still feel like I'm ten years behind... but I'm sure as I keep growing that won't be an issue. So many more have lost so much more than I have. The organization only got 25 years out of me... well, not counting the coming-to-terms and carrying around the JW baggage for years afterward.

  • VeniceIT

    Heya Slip--Did you grow up near Farkle????

    Just wondrin'


  • Undecided

    There was a brother who was in the congregation where I had been the PO several years back who was in the janitoral business. He made a lot of money, had a condo at the beach, a nice boat, new car etc. My brother and I went fishing with him while we were at the beach. He was killed a few years later in a car crash. Some people do quite well in the janitoral business. He sure had more money than I did, of course that's not too hard to do.

    Ken P.

  • larc

    I also went to college when it was a no-no. My friends told me that Argamgeddon would be here before I graduated. They are grandparents now. After two years of college, I pioneered for a year to try to escape my doubts, but that didn't work. Then, I went to work and took courses part-time for the next ten years. As a result, I retired last year as a college professor. I didn't make as much money over my lifetime as someone who goes into business, even without degrees and becomes successful, but I thoroughly enjoyed my life.

    I think one thing that the JW experience gave us is discipline and perseverence. That is half the battle in getting an education. Brains alone isn't enough.

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