Window Cleaners?

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  • nicolaou

    Like a lot of others here, I gave higher education a miss when I left school (1980). Under the encouragement of the Society I pioneered for three years instead!

    Now I clean windows for a living. Don't get me wrong - it's not bad work, all commercial stuff and great fun in the summer, yet I feel I could have achieved more if you know what I mean.

    I've recently signed up for a JAVA course (C&G level 3 advanced).

    Has anyone else decided at this late stage to give their education one last shot?



  • battman

    I have a friend, 95yo, who is taking
    Spanish lessons at night school. So I
    guess education can be, should be, a
    life long pursuit. Also many "successful"
    did not acheive their success until late
    in life. ( Col Sanders - in his late sixties)

    Also as a businessman, I have found out
    that most businesspeople all share the
    same common problem. It is not usually
    a lack of business opportunity, it is a
    serious lack of decent, good, steady
    honest employees.

    Your best option is call on or visit only
    with successful business people. If
    you are hungry, ambitious, and are serious
    about advancing your self, other successful
    people will go way out of their way to help.

    let me know what city you are in and I am
    sure I can get you started meeting with
    successful people. Believe me they are
    waiting to meet with you.

    (of the "business" class)

  • battman

    What age to start your life??

    Jesus didn't start his career until he was 30 something.

    I mentioned this to one of the faithful and was told
    "that is because he didn't have dog's "organization"
    to help him advance at an earlier age like we do today.

    To quote Farkel "wot me worry"? no way, ROTFLMAO.

    (of the ROTFLNAO Class)

  • openminded

    I did. But Im only 27. Its actually not all bad. I seem to pay better attention in class now that Im a bit older. Maybe it was all those hot babes that distracted me(oh wait they still do). Maybe Im just more mature(ha ha) and ready for the responsibilty of college studies.
    Anyway I am on track to get a B.A. next year, and am lightly throwing the idea around of furthering my study into the area of law. Hopefully I can time it out right and get in on the class action law suits coming down on the societies blood policy. Ill donate all my fees to charity of course.

  • DrunkWithLiberty

    Hi Nicolaou,
    I have been out of org. for a little more than two years. I am finishing up my second year at colege (going for an education degree).
    It will take me another 4-5 yeas to finish because I have young children but I am loving it. I hope to continue even after I start teaching. Schoool has opened up a whole new world for me because now I see that I can pursue any passion I care to. No one to discourage me anymore.
    I too did not go to college or any other training because of the strong discussions against it with in the mags and platform. I have been told by witnesse that the org never said you couldn't. I feel the old school brochure was pretty straight forward on the society's stance but can't remeber what it said. Oh well. Love what I am doing now and do not have to make excuses or reasons to anyone about my decision.
    I encourage anyone who has the remotest desire to go to scholl to do so. Unless you are dead, there is always time to pursue what ever goals you may have.
    Love to all, angie

  • JT

    there are many of us out here who gave up something real for something unreal

    i had the chance to go to college completely paid for, yet i chose the better portion i pioneered and went to bethel


    so now at 38 my wife and i are back in college when in fact I should be hitting my stride in the biz world

    we are doing fine but it truly hurts to know that i would be much better off if i had not been a JW


  • Tina

    It's never too late to go back and finish college. Some of my classes had folks in their 60's ...and they really made the classes more enjoyable. We probably learned just as much from them as the course itself! regards,Tina

  • BugEye

    Hi Nicolaou,

    I am just finishing up my BSc in Chemical Physics.
    2 years ago I got a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy.
    I taught myself Pascal and Borland Delphi 6 years ago.
    I'm 40


  • dark clouds
    dark clouds


    It is one of my goals in life now, to be the perpetual student. Last year I started college again and am working on a computer science degree. . .i'll be 31 in may.


  • slipnslidemaster

    Why is it that all the Witnesses that I grew up with were Window Washers?

    Is there some sort of unwritten rule that jdub's wash windows?

    Anyone else notice this??

    . o O (slipnslidemaster)

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