Nothing Hurts Like This

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  • JamesThomas


    The situation does not look so bad to me.

    From what I have read -- the woman to whom you've been referring -- seems intelligent and deeply interested in truth.

    She comes here and reads these posts, which shows she realizes the importance of investigation in uncovering what is really true.

    Perhaps it is time now to just be patient and let the pieces that need to fall into place within her -- fall. And perhaps it is a good time to sit back and be extra loving to yourself James, for all you have done, and the heart and soul that you have put into it.

    Leaving the Witnesses can be the most difficult and life altering decision one can make, as many here know. My bet is she will eventually make such a decision...and there will be not turning back for her because her decision will be well thought out and thorough. Easy and slow, can be good sometimes.


  • mouthy

    J.T I understand you perfectly- I have chaired this group C.A.A,R for over 12 years. I have given money- time-taken folks in- given meals -lent my car- picked folks up taken them somewhere (Taxi for free) you name it I have done it- Now dont get me wrong it was a pleasure to help any who needed it( more happiness in giving etc) but I have two file cabinets -with really NASTY letters from some of those who were on the other end of my help....I dont hear from them for about two or three years . Then when they find out the truth about the Lie- they call & ask if the can come to see me... & say how sorry they were. I have quit this group about 6 times... Cried !! told the LORD off... Wanted to move away... etc: etc: but we must remember they have not received the LOVE from on high.. we have the giving spirit inside us-which I believe is Jesus IN us!!( ducking from the stones) but hang in there my friend have a rest fro awhile -I told the Lord many times THATS IT I QUIT!!!!!

    but the very next day a "lost sheep" would call & how could I say "go to the dickens" I couldnt so we are on about 700 folk... Rest my friend ------(((((((hugs)))))

  • SheilaM


    I am not one to cast blame but she may have been testing you and what do you do you turn around and post her e-mail on the site just as she said you would I know for one I would be mortified if I wrote someone here and they posted a personal e-mail on site.

    I love your posts, I am glad you got out but if you spend the time trying to get someone to TRUST you shouldn't you HONOR that trust by not disclosing private correspondence???

    Just my two cents I don't mean to offend just make you think

  • reubenfine

    I love your posts, JT, and hope you keep visiting. You did your best and she isn't ready yet. At least you did the right thing and tried. Maybe the seed will grow!

  • chester


    I don't really see what the big deal is with the posting of her e-mail.

    No one knows who she is. That e-mail could have been written by any one of millions of JWs. There are so many just like her out there.

    Keep you chin up and don't let it get you down.

    Give me a call when you feel up to it.


  • SixofNine

    Posting her e-mail is a non-issue.

    You know why you failed, your shopping cart illustration paints this very picture. I think perhaps you got a bit overconfident, or forgetful of just how brainwashed seemingly normal people can be. I do the same thing, as I let go of it all very easily, once I'd seen the oh-so-human face of the supposedly spirit directed org.

    Your post fairly scream out: "JW insider- someone who knows from where he speaks". I have to believe you've done untold amounts of good. I hope you'll shake this pain off and ask for more.

  • bigboi

    Hey JT:

    Remeber what you've said at times dude. Keep it about the issues at hand and never make it personal. To me that seems what she's trying to make it all about now. This has nothing to do with anyone's privacy. Rather, it's about whether the Watchtower is all it makes itself out to be. The facts are on your side and ppl are gonna do what the want to do anyway. Although I know sometimes it can be hard, try not to let yourself get too involved emotionally.

  • SheilaM
    don't really see what the big deal is with the posting of her e-mail. It is really unfortunate that you felt the need to post our email exchanges on because to be honest with you, I actually thought that you may have been sincerely interested in me as a person


    You DON'T think it's a big deal that when someone your corresponding with ASKS you NOT to post an e-mail of their's and you DO!!! Hmmm remind me NEVER to e-mail you. Just because we are trying to helps someone does that mean we don't respect their wishes.

    JT I like what you have to say but you could have done this post with out betraying a request of the person your trying to help. For example she gets to thinking about your discussions pops on to the board and see's the post, what do you think she will feel. I know if I wrote a witness about doubts about my apostasy and they were helping me and then posted my e-mail I would be furious and discount whatever they told me.

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  • waiting

    JT, you are such a man.....and I'm sure your pretty wife will concur. Please allow her to slap you upside the head for me too.

    I don't remember specifically the other thread - but like Utopian Raindrops, I read all your threads.....first. I like you, your sense & your humor. But you sure do miss on women sometimes.

    1. At least for me....I do NOT appreciate anybody posting my words for other people to comment on, particularily if negatively. Like "man, that is one stupid woman." So if this woman was just reading here, and not comfortable defending her viewpoint on our forum (and I wonder why).......she MIGHT be irritated. She's basically in hiding, and you put her public, with no defense, in her opinion, imho.

    You might want to rethink that stategy in the future. Like, when in school, a teacher reads a private note from a student to the class, and the writer is sitting there..........and other people start commenting on the structure of the note, the thoughts, the writer, the stupidity of the background....yada, yada. And the secret writer is just sitting there.....steaming, not wanting, or can't at the moment, come forth to defend their statements. Or realize their statements can't hold - but human ego is bruised.

    2. She didn't attack your arguments - she attacked you. Well, really, she did it the crappy way, with a little knife inflicting as many small wounds to your ego that she could. Some people do that - and a *few* women are infamous for their capabilities to inflict pain.

    3. She wounded your male ego, your honor, your concern for her, your ethics, your morals, and your dignity. And she got back at you for posting her email. But she stayed away from your logical arguments.

    But, her email didn't say she thoroughly disgreed with you....she just MAY agree......after she adjusts her own ego. It's hard letting go, and we all know it. People have died & killed for the sake of their ego.

    And you better come back & visit - you are appreciated! So get a good teeshirt out of your "chester drawers" - and take your smart lady out for fun before you're too tired when school starts.

    (((((((((((((((JT & Smart Lady)))))))))))))))


  • LDH


    My friend, don't forget the Paranoia Complex which JWs suffer. This poor lady's face must have been burning red when she saw her words on JW. com.

    WHY?Because she can see the folly of her words in black and white...AND ALL THE REST OF US CAN TOO....

    So she reverts to the persecution complex....that old "Woe is me" that JWs are so wont to rely on. Can'T you feel her face burn as she realizes how foolish her position sounds? Then she will decide this is her special persecution. That you are a "dog who has returned to his own vomit?"

    I don't know this lady, but all I can tell you JT, if she isn't embarrassed at her stupidity, she should be.

    Anyone who has read your stuff for ANY length of time knows you "keep it real." She knows this. But she would rather not think it applies to her.


    You are wasting you time, money and life in the sham know as JWs. You should be so lucky as to have real friends as Mr. and Mrs. JT. In a couple of years when you are wasted and spent, I hope JT will be there for you. If not, it will be your fault. You are an adult and responsible for your own choices.


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