I got an e-mail for a long-lost dub friend

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  • orangefatcat

    I'd e-mail her back and tell her, " I didn't know you were God, judge and jury." You'll probably never hear from her again. And just for an added touch I would add Matt 7:1.

    Love Orangefatcat

  • DannyBear


    If they were'nt so damn predictable it would be funny. Yet the almost clone-like responses from jw's in these situations are proof positive, that they are seriously under the effects of mind control.

    The only time they allow themselves the option of communicating with 'apostates' is under the guise of some 'business matter'. Normally this involves $.

    Shunning comes so easy to them, because they have installed a 'fail safe,' feel ok, trigger in thier brains. This self deluding 'scapegoat' of righteous indignation, allowing them to totally ignore common everyday human compassion or empathy. Conditional just does not seem to clarify this syndrome. It is much more deviant, bordering on psychotic, no not bordering on, it is psychotic!

    As if her rejection, her need to strike out at you, will in fact facilitate a 'turning around' on your part. Don't they realize by this form of conduct, they more often than not, cement the resolve of those they apply this 'godly' discipline to? It has worked perfectly in my case.

    As a jw I remember the pity I felt for the Amish. Thinking to myself how silly to live so archaic a life style. It never even crossed my mind, that my own 'religion' was just as archaic, if not moreso. At least the Amish do not have to mix with 'world' pretending to be something they are not.

    Jw's should wear some sort of identifiable garb, drive only 1988 Ford Fairlanes, and grow long arm pit hair, so that other's would be immediately notifed, hey were going to have deal with a looney now. It would make things so much easier.


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  • LeslieV

    Did you notice now that you have left how childish this behavior is. I will no longer play with you and I am throwing out all your toys you left at my house. I thought we kinda out grew those actions when we were 10 or so. Like everyone has said it is her loss.


  • shera

    Thats what the woman did,who I studied with.She gave me all my pics back and slide them under my door ,with a message on the envelope that said,------,its as if you stab me in the gut.


    Mackin,her loss.

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  • Inquiry

    Hey mackin...

    You know, when I left the borg... I decided it was good riddance... I knew what would happen re: shunning, gossip, arrogant behavior...actually, I found it was better watching them act out of their true emotions... hate, bitterness, ignorance and arrogance... which is real... instead of watching them pretend to love one another....I found it strangely reassuring that I was being shunned....I wasn't falling for their shit anymore, ...they can do their little self righteous bit... I don't lose any sleep over it... I don't waste my time feeling sorry for them or about them... that's a fruitless and unpleasant persuit....

    When I get "shunned", and some of the looks I get and rediculous behavior of my former sisters and brothers is absolutely hilarious,... I laugh.... They do their best to try to punish me for doing something they don't like... and it makes me lol... I don't feel particularily concerned by it... it's their pathetic choice..., not mine... and I'm comforted by feeling incredibly happy that I'm not like that anymore. Reminds me how far I've come...

    My advice is accept the inevitable... dub or not... assholes like this will always be around...doesn't mean you have to trip over them every time they appear....se la vie... expect it... you won't be disappointed...



  • Kep

    Hey Mackin,

    How are ya doing Bud ??

    It is such a shame that everything is sooo conditional. When are you passing thru my neck of the woods ?? Let me know when you want to visit, would love to see you.

    The true quality of love can be seen in "special" dubs. My neighbour is exJW as well and his JW mother called in to see him. Larry was with me and knows them and yelled out hello etc..

    Now your normal mind controlled bot would ignore you, but she leaned over the fence and said hello and saw me and also greeted me, then saw my baby sitting on a blanket and cooed over her. Why... because of a true sense of love, not the bs shovelled down their throats at the meeting, but a love from the heart.

    We gotta catch up bro...


  • mole

    I received a phone call about a month ago from a former childhood so-called friend. We had known each other since I was 7 years old and were close associates growing up in our congo. I have been inactive for about 15 years and we have not seen each other in as many years as we live in different states.

    Last year after reading COC and confirming what I had felt and suspected for years, I deceided to make the slow drift and leave. Meanwhile, he has been an elder and presiding overseer for quite a few years now and he usually manages to call about every 5 years.

    I guess he felt it was time for my 5 year harrassing as he had left a message on my machine for me to return his call.(Which he said was a coincedence that he had opened up to may name on the rolodex as if by DIVINE INSPIRATION, who was I to question?) So l figured what the heck I'd give him a ring. He said he wanted to cut straight to the point and ask me why I had not been attending meetings?

    I tried not to get into specifics but his gestapo training as an elder kept him relentless in his persuit for my reason for leaving the "troot"TM so I preceedeed to let him have both barrels and ran down a list of things I had learned. He proceeded to tell me it was obvious I no longer had the right heart condition and that my research was flawed.

    Its true they have one liners for every occasion and his was, "Put the guy's in Brooklyn on the back burner, no matter what, TRUTH IS TRUTH". This was his comeback to every arguement I presented, so he preceeded to go into his bag of guilt trips telling me that me and my family will surely die, I thanked him for the judgement and death sentence.

    The conversation ended by him saying that our friendship (We have not been friends since high school, and even then we were not close.) must now change, and how he had once loved and cared for me (You could feel the love in his monotone voice inflections, I told him he had lots of practice being an elder and all.)

    It took me about a week to recover from all the crap that was spewing forth from his mouth, but I don't expect I'll be hearing from him anytime soon, and I don't think I really give a rats sphincter.

  • Michael3000

    WELL, the next day I had a brief and very curt message back from her that since I was obviously now an apostate she wanted nothing more to do with me and that she was going to delete all the e-mails I had ever sent her as well as destroy the gifts I had sent years ago that she still had. And she was going to delete any references to my e-mail address on her system. As far as she is concerned I am now dead. So even though I have not been DF'd, she has decided to shun me anyway.

    Same kind of "Christian love" that my family shows towards me! Sad, really. But, there are always surrogate family members to help take up the slack. Glad I'm "out", too! Sheesh - almost 10 years, now - not once have I gnashed my teeth!

    -- Mike

  • Beck_Melbourne

    G'day Mackin

    Didn't see this thread until today...I've got a lot of catching up to do hey.

    So who was this sister? Where in Oz is she?? Let me know and I'll go do a return visit on her...I'll tell her that brother Mackin has passed her on to me since she lives in my area...and I thought I would follow up her interest by introducing myself and offer to conduct a home bible study with her...I'll tell her its time she learnt the truth about the troof! After that I'll poke her in the eyes and then say 'just kidding'

    Hugs to you brother...you don't need people who don't need you!!


  • Mackin

    Hey there Beck,

    She doesn't live in Oz, she's American, I think she lives in one of the Carolina's, can't remember if it's North or South. She e-mailed me to say she was going to be visiting Australia soon but didn't say where or when. I'll never find out now.

    BTW, thanks for all the supportive comments everyone. You guy's rock!!!


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