I got an e-mail for a long-lost dub friend

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  • Scully

    Sorry to hear that Mackin. It's hard when you find out someone's friendship/feelings etc can spin on a dime in that God-forsaken judgemental conditional religion.

    At least she didn't use the "come back to Jehovah for me" trick. Imagine what that could have been like.

    Sounds like she's gonna have to start looking for a new beau again. Pickin's are slim among The Happiest People on Earth TM , don'tcha know??

    We still love ya though.

    Love, Scully

  • Swan

    This part infuriates me:

    I just got another e-mail from her and it was the classic dub "it's all your fault, you've turned your back on Jehovah, you need to humble yourself and come back, yada, yada yada... barf.

    If she previously said you were obviously an apostate, what the hell is she doing emailing you still? If I got an intrusive, rude follow up like this, I would be furious! Who the hell is she to judge you, and then having judged you, have the presumptuousness to go against the WTBTS rules to contact you and tell you it's your fault! Oooooh! The arrogance of these people never ceases to amaze me!


  • Athanasius

    Sorry to hear that your family and friends are shunning you Estee. Its their loss not yours.


  • jschwehm

    Hi Gang:

    About a year or so ago, I got an email out of the blue from a lady who I knew when I was a JW. I guess she had been reading boards like this one and saw something I wrote. She must have been shocked at my criticisms of the JWs. The email was interesting. She basically said that I was too smart to be saying such "stupid" things. The email was very offensive.

    I called her on the email and its tone and to her credit she apologized. I also told her some of the reasons why I left the JWs. Her reply was very sincere and she started to attempt to convert me back. I wrote back to her and gave her a bunch of information on why the JWs are not the "true religion" and how the leaders of the Watchtower are dishonest. I told her that that was the reason why I had left and could no longer associate with the JWs.

    At that point, I got an email back from her telling me never to email her again and that I was not to 'sell her email address to my apostate disciples'. (I guess she has be confused with her friends at Bethel.) She also informed me that she was blocking my email address so that anything I sent to her would be blocked.

    A few weeks later, my non-JW sister called me and let me know that this JW lady had taken all of the information that I had emailed her about the dishonesty of the Society and printed it out and had a bunch of her JW friends read it. I laughed for at least a month because I could not have gotten that many JWs to read that information on my own. I told my sister that perhaps I should give this JW lady an award for being my number one distributor of information on the Society.


    Jeff S.

  • Debz

    Another example of what this religion does to people! Never mind..like Prisca says HER LOSS..not yours Mackin!

  • pr_capone

    I was in the same place, family and friends wouldnt talk to me. In fact my mom disowned me and I am still not DF'd or DA'd! Its sad really that even family can so easily turn their back on you because you are not part of the borg.

  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    Hey Mackin this sheila was sussing you out as a MARRIAGE MATE.

    Her Biological alarm is probably screeching as the clock approaches midnight.

    As well, you are, may I say, so fine a figure of a dub man and such a spiritual type guy that ANY decent dub woman would travel half way round the world at the prospect of possibly landing you!!

  • Prisca

    So she's coming to Australia, eh?? Hmmm......

  • Mackin

    ROFLOL @ Refiners.

    Now I've got to clean my monitor, i just spat my Milo all over it from laughing so hard.

    BTW, had you glasses checked lately?


  • LovesDubs

    I think she was more EMBARRASSED that she was writing to an apostate LOL! Now shes back peddling. And...like the cowards that JWs are...she blocks YOUR email but continues to WRITE not allowing any reply! Some JW was doing that to me, and I went under my husbands email and wrote him back, called him a smarmy, sniveling cowardly bastard...but I didnt block him off my husbands email and he wrote AGAIN LOLOL..."Jehovah forgive you for those horrible names you called me blah blah...." My husband is like...who IS this idiot? I said one of the "friends" babe...just one of the "friends"

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