My First Post - OK, I'm In Now.

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  • TheItalian

    Wap? Wasn' it a "Very offensive word for Italian" from my Collins Cobuild English Language Dictionary (teachme)? Yet, I'm honoured to be greeted from you Francois: I like your posts.

    Beans: You can't imagine how many times I crawled your site. Thanks.

    gumby: I can very feminine. Trust me.

    Hi Englishman! I will remember of you

    UR: I was talking about the nomenklatura: like the former Branch Overseer Vincenzo Farneti and his recent (undertold) scandal - kicked out of Bethel in Rome.

    Matt: BargainCoder! I wish to have had one like him in my Circuit! - I have a place for Brother Oil in heaven.

    Heaven: "Can make a Heav'n of Hell, a Hell of Heaven." Satan, in J. Milton; I share a bit of what You've seen, with my lonely mother.

  • Sentinel

    Hi There and Welcome to this wonderful place. We don't claim perfection, but we do claim to be human beings with a common denominator (most of us) from which we can share our stories, our hurts, our goals and our friendship.

    I look forward to reading more of your posts.

  • ugg

    hi,,,and welcome to the board....lots of people will find comfort....

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    Howdy from Texas and welcome! Your courage does you justice. You've just taken the first step into a larger world.

  • Mac


    Thanks for sharing and welcome !


  • TheItalian

    Sentinel: A Watchman!

    Thanks ugg; Hey Big Tex, really in Pitcairn island?

    Bye MacMillan, Thank to you also.

    You're all so warm I would like to have you in my Congroghetto.

  • Mac
    Bye MacMillan, Thank to you also.

    I think I,ve just been dismissed by a newcomer! Oh, well....surprised this didn't happen sooner!

    mac, of the picking up his mouse and going home class

  • Mum

    Welcome, JJ!

    My friend Sharon's mother grew up in an Italian neighborhood in Portland, Oregon. She thought she was Italian as well, but, alas, she was the more typical American Heinz57 -- Mexican, Indian, German, and who knows what else. Anyway, she told me that the greatest disappointment of her life was learning that she was not Italian!

    Let us hear from you often!


  • Prisca


    Welcome to the board. Firstly, I'm not really from the Vatican, although I have visited it twice. I live in sunny Australia, Sydney to be exact. But I have visited Italia twice. The last time I spent time with an English congregation, and I agree that they are ignorant of how things are done outside Italy. Not their fault, it's just the way things are in your beautiful country.

    Congratulations on at least being able to study at University because advanced education was frowned on - there was even a Drama at a Convention many years ago that made it quite clear that advanced education was not for "true Christians". So I congratulate you on your studies, and hope they lead you to a satisfying career.

  • nicolaou
    Hello Everyone.

    I apologize in advance for the length.
    God those Italians are such braggers!
    Welcome to the board buddy.
    (your Greek neighbour)

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