My First Post - OK, I'm In Now.

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  • onacruse

    Welcome to you!

    Now, what else?

    You've answered your own question:

    I owe my enlightenment to myself...

    That's it, all right...and the light at the end of this tunnel is not a train.


  • TheItalian

    joy2bfree: Thanks this Much. I raised my hand and spelled "THREE!" No elders aroun 'cause all at their school; a missed chance.

    gumby: Canary Island!! I'm coming to you.

    meadow77: sorry, but how can you stand us if not a JW? [Come any time]

    Swan: touching page , thankyou. And I know i can't fully understand you.

    scootergirl: THAAAANKS; especially for the photorbikes I love too.

    Matty!!!: great site lacking from the ranks of my favourites; but I haven't already told you all other stories. enricofrassinetti?enricofrassinetti???? the annoyingted one?does he really exist? I thought he was a spiritualmarketing subject research from Bethel!!

    Hi Cassandra, thanks. Email me. Till I read you.

    Thanks al, really. You're flooding me ( as dinosaurs said in a Genesis Musical trailers).

    Preventing me will be things like: lack of time to contact you; crashes in my computer; no connection (to my brain) available; MEETINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God save the Penguin.

    Please help me!

    onacruse: -frequent story told by moths escaped by experiences of apparent death.- I was baptized at 11.

  • gumby

    gumby: Canary Island!! I'm coming to you.

    Actually I don't live there, but if you were a jet black, long haired beautiful italian woman with a sexy accent.....I would move there so you COULD come there!

    Instead your a dude who probably talks like my cousin vinny arent ya...LOL

  • Englishman

    Italia... ah, wonderful place, wonderful people.

    And that Amalfi drive, wow!

    Englishman who has looked into the crater of Vesuvius..!

  • Utopian_Raindrops

    BENVENUTO J.J. !!!!!!

    We are all so happy to see you here friend.

    I have friends in Italia and I wish they could know the truth about The Truth.

    But, I think as you have pointed out their command of the English language is not so good. This is not a bad thing as English is an ugly crass language .....Italiano e spagnolo sia piu bello!

    I have figured it will happen for the WTBS as it says in proverbs, what you do in secret will be shouted from the roof tops

    I wish it was more a public cry but for now the Internet seems to be the biggest place to get information about The Borg.

    I am glad our new friend you have been outspoken of all you have learned about The WTBS but, please for your Mother be more clever about it. If you were to get disfellowshipped she would have to be without you. They would tell her to no longer speak with you or see you. No longer could you live in her home. I think love for your Mother should be stronger Then Hatred for This Cult.

    That is another thing J.J. you have written, But my bitter hatred for those kind of people the congregations are still stuffed up.

    Most Gente Italiana are loving dear sweet people. I can see in your post you are like this Please do not let this hate you feel be like a cancer. The WTBS will not fall over night. The more you wait and wait hating them all the while the worse it will be for you.

    Your mother and any friends you have in The Truth need you. Most importantly you need who you truly are not the person you will become because of your hatred for Watchtower Lies.

    Be Patient it will happen, they will fall. Use more kind words when telling WT Lies. Do research and try to use the bible more and plant seeds in peoples minds that grow. That is how most of us (Who were not born JW) became a Jehovahs Witness. Each study was slow and seeds of deceit were planted and allowed to grow in their crafty way. So slowly and carefully you must do the same.

    Take care our New Friend.

    I am glad you are out of the dark shadows and have made yourself known to us!

    Many of us were once lurkers too.

    See you around,


    Utopian_Raindrops P.S. The Penguins are already saved in Gods eyes for he takes note as each of them fall (Or Drown) It is the people we must worry about and save because Heaven knows were all lost!

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    Welcome TI!! You are among friends here!! J


  • Matty

    TheItalian - Yes, well there are others that are a bit more sane than Mr Barcode-Reader... I just couldn't think of anyone else at the time - the fruitcakes here are more memorable than the sensible posters!

  • Solace

    Welcome JJ,

    Wow, I can imagine how hard it must be for you to continue to attend the meetings. Leaving is not something everyone can do overnight though.

    Looking forward to hearing more from you.

  • Francois

    I'm happy you're here. We've been needing another wop on the board


  • Beans

    Alright another wop on board! well I'm 25% Italian and man am I ever glad I am cause I tan very well "YEAH"

    Great to meet you!

    Check out our site!


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