Garage Sale Tips? Ideas? Suggestions?

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  • Prisca

    Erm, I believe garage sales are also known as yard sales in the States?

    Anyway, I'm planning on holding a garage sale in a month's time, as I will be moving and I want to get rid of my junk, as well as hopefully raise some few much-needed $$$.

    Those of you who have held them, what advice do you give? Any tips on making it more profitable? More interesting for the buyer? Things to be aware of?

    All advice will be gratefully received.

  • minimus

    Selling Watchtowers and other publications could be a real money-maker.

  • Valis

    Hey Pris...a couple of things...don't bother tagging everything, this is a big pain in the ass, but instead have tables or areas where everything is one price or another. Several signs are a lot easier than lots of individual tags. If you take something out and have it for sale, make a commitment to not let it back in the house. Even if it means giving it away. And lastly, when you get tired of having the sale just put out signs that say "Free Stuff Here!" You would be suprised at how fast crap will disappear.


    District Overbeer

  • nightwarrior


    My advice is dont take any cheques,dont sell your computer,try for a sunny day or morning allso have an arrangment where you havea little kid selling drinks or sandwiches to the old ladies, .

    put a sign up on your garage door the week before to inform people of your intentions ,hence everyone will know to book an appointment for the day of your sale.

    happy hunting /sale

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    If it rains and you have the sale in a part of the house or garage control where people are going. Rope off where they are not supposed to go.

    If you have things that are more valuable have someone stand over them to watch they don't just disappear into someone's pocket.

    Have plenty of change both small bills and coins. You would be amazed how many people show up with $20 bills to buy something for 25 cents.

    Save your plastic shopping bags so you can put sold items in a bag for people to carry home.

    Have old newspapers to wrap fragile items for people to take home

    Have plenty of help throughout the day. Being alone with 10 people in the yard and needed to go to the bathroom is a real pain

    Have some sandwiches or easy eating foods handy. If you are busy you won't have time to go in and make something - same for drinks.

    Have something outside for you to sit on for those quiet spells.

    Advertize. If legal put up signs on posts, in grocery stores/pharmacies (wherever they have a board you can post signs on) - even the newspaper.

    Place a sign also at each end of your street to direct people to your place

    Place some balloons out near the street so people coming down the street can easily see where you are.

    If you can place items on tables so people don't have to get down to the ground. Arrange the tables in a way to control the traffic flow if a lot of people arrive at the same time. You may find it easier if THEY are on one side of the tables and you on the other side. But if you have alot of stuff then you might need to arrange it so people can wander on both sides.

    If your yard is enclosed have your "check-out" near the gate so people have to pass you on the way out.

    NEVER EVER leave the money alone. Carry it on you. I find a tool belt with pockets was great, separating the coins into different pockets

    Smile and have fun, joke around, have some fun music playing. Don't ignore people but don't pester or hover either.

    The idea of putting similar priced items on a table with one sign is interesting and do-able as long as things don't travel from the $10.00 table to the 10 cent table. For this to work you would need to be watching or have someone at each table if more than one.

    If you don't have enough tables get large boxes. You can turn them upside down and use for a table or just throw a lot of unbreakable things into the box. Some people enjoy rooting through things

    I will come back if I think of anything else

  • NeonMadman
    Erm, I believe garage sales are also known as yard sales in the States?

    Depends where you go. In western Massachusetts, where I grew up, we called them "tag sales". Other areas call them "yard sales" primarily, but sometimes "garage sales," particularly if there is a garage involved.

    As far as ideas to make them successful, the only one I can think of is to hide your Ouija boards, crystal balls and other occultic accoutrements when any Jehovah's Witnesses stop by, otherwise they won't buy anything from you.

    I used to wonder about that, actually. My ex-wife would occasionally shop at yard sales, but if she saw anything among the items for sale that she considered occultic (such as a Ouija board), she would not buy anything at that sale. It always seemed to me that if they were selling their Ouija board, they probably weren't too heavily into demonic stuff. The ones you had to watch out for were the ones who kept their Ouija boards and used them on a regular basis!

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  • RandomTask

    Moving Sales too

  • ugg


  • Englishman

    We have Car boot sales. You load up the boot of the car, also take a trestle table to display some of the stuff, and sell at an organised event that is usually held weekly in a field and costs around a fiver.

    Golden rules: Don't stand with your arms folded right behind your display, it is intimidating to browsers. Stand to one side. Have a clear idea of the minimum you are prepared to accept for an item. Nothing is more galling to sell something and then see it on someone else stand for twice the price.

    On a lighter note, when I first started up in business, I got hundreds of enquiries from places like this just by putting out a few samples and offering a free quotation.


  • Valis
    I got hundreds of enquiries from places like this just by putting out a few samples and offering a free quotation.

    Eman...I hope you counted that on your time card...


    District Overbeer

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