Garage Sale Tips? Ideas? Suggestions?

by Prisca 29 Replies latest jw friends

  • RandomTask

    E-Man, sounds like a flea market or swap meet. Also, what's this about a BOOT? You mean TRUNK?

  • JH

    Put your mother in law with the rest of the junk and put a price tag on her. She might be sold.

  • wednesday

    It is necessary to have help-b/c people will steal if they do not see somehting that looks like security to them. I have had people do that, and actually stopped them and of course they just "forgot" to pay. The eldrly are in particular a group to watch, yes grandma steals.

  • target

    If you are selling any clothing, be sure to put the size on the tag. If they have to dig around looking for the size, they are likey to just pass on it.

    Watch for shoplifters. We had that experience. Several people come in together and a couple create a disturbance while the others steal. Especially jeans. They know you are not experienced at watching for such goings on.

    If you have electric things, have an extension cord out there so they can plug things in to see if they work well.

    Have a sign that says "Not responsible for accidents" because there are those who come just to pull that one on you too.

    Have an area with a few toys that children can play with while the parents shop so the kids aren't into everything


  • RubyTuesday

    You would be suprised how many Americans don't know what a boot or a bonnet is....had to explain it to a friend and he knows everything! Reading all those Agatha Christie books and Ross Periot books when I was a kid paid off. How cool..tho...a boot sale!!

  • Solace

    I agree with Valis,

    I only price large items like furniture etc. I quit pricing small items, its too time consuming. Racks and tables where everything is one price is SO much easier.

    I also attach balloons to my signs to make them more noticable.

  • Scully

    Have in mind the minimum amount you would be willing to accept for each item, then double the "asking price". People love a "bargain" and if they think you've let them barter you down to "their price" they are happy campers. If you "price" your things at the minimum that you'd ask for them, people will still want to bargain with you, but you won't end up with as much money as you hoped you would.

    Also if you're selling a lot of paper back books or magazines, or even things like costume jewelry, try a sign that says "$0.25 each or 5 for $1". People will be more likely to go for the volume, and you'll get rid of more stuff faster.

    Start early. Plan to be open for business around 8am when the people who are serious garage sale connoisseurs are out looking for the "really good stuff". You'll probably want to be done by 3 or 4pm at the latest, so make sure you have your sign state when you plan to finish.

    Have fun! And treat yourself to a nice dinner out at the end of it.

    Love, Scully

  • CoonDawg

    Reading all those Agatha Christie books and Ross Periot books when I was a kid paid off.

    Ruby, you sure you don't mean Hercule Periot? Ross is the zillionaire politician with the dumbo ears. to "Yard Sales" hell with them. I find it much more profitable and less hassle to pack it all in a truck and drop it at the Goodwill or Salvation Army or some other charitable thrift store. I can get more for it in a tax writeoff anyway.



  • Bendrr

    Prisca, I can't give you any more info than what has already been given. Lady Lee's post was great, print it out.

    I can tell you this, you're in for either a lot of laughs or a royal pain in the behind. My Granny Eleanor and her sister my Aunt Merle were yard sale junkies. They'd plan ahead and be there waiting in their car for the yard sale to officially open. Then they'd buy everything they could which was nothing they needed. Then after a few months of their buying trips, they'd have their own yard sales and sell the same crap they'd bought.

    If where you live is anything like the small town where Granny Eleanor, Aunt Merle, and I lived, then you'd be better off just donating what you want to get rid of to a charity like the Salvation Army or Goodwill (or whatever your equivalent).


  • Lin

    Hi Prisca,

    Lady Lee's post was definitely a good one. I highly recommend having a couple people with you as helpers, watching for shoplifters etc, but you hang onto the money in a pouch purse around your waist. Don't pull out wads of money to give change, I've heard of sooo many robberies at garage sales it ain't funny. I've had several garage/yard sales myself and it went wonderfully. Hang some signs in nearby laundrymats/apartments etc to advertise, those ladies in there waiting for their laundry would love a diversion! If you have a friend with a pickup truck, have them handy to assist with furniture too if necessary. Good luck to ya!

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