How long were you baptized until you left?

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  • Ravyn

    Born: May 18, 1962, third generation JW

    Bapt: May 25, 1974- 12 yrs old

    Left home: May, 1985

    Started to doubt Organization: (Tacoma, WA)- District Convention 1993

    Pioneered: Jan 1980-Dec 1995 (yes that is 15 years-from age 18-34-all my youth)

    used the whole year of 1996 to plan my escape, left Jan. 1997

    Met future husband online: Nov/Dec, 1996 (did not date or think of the relationship as a romantic one for 6 months---so that blows the rumor that I left for a 'worldly man'...)

    Married: May 1, 1998 (after living together for a year with a handfasting)

    seems to be a common timeline from some of the other posts...


  • Bob_NC

    Umm..............32. I had to wait 6 years before armageddon came in 1975.

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  • Swan

    I was baptized on July 6, 1973 and sent in my DA letter on January 20, 1994. That would make 20 years and six months I reckon.


  • yard dog
    yard dog

    Mom became witness in 1974-75 when i was 6. I was baptized in summer of 1984 at 16 and disfellowshipped in fall of 1985. If i had it all over to do again i would have never taken the plunge but i was to young to have a clue as to what i was doing.

  • Carmel

    baptized at age 12, left at age 14, Df'd in absentia at age 15!


  • twinkletoes

    We laughed at Gumby's joke :)

    For me - it was 32 years

    for KT - it was 29 years - having survived 29 yrs within the Org. the great tribulation is going to be a "doddle" !

  • Aztec

    I was raised in it but didn't take the plunge till I was 18. I lasted about 6 months after that.


  • TR

    Baptised in '85, blew it out my ass in '95.


  • kelpie

    12 years

  • SheilaM

    I was baptized in fall of 1983 and left in or around 1995 < I was sure they were wrong about a lot of things a year into it>

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