How long were you baptized until you left?

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  • aojumper

    Gumby your funny!

    I got baptized when I was 18, right out of high school, because I wasn't ready to face being on my own, and the only way I could live at home was to be a baptized Witness. 6 Years later, after much anguish, I finally got the strenght to move out, a couple of months later I quit going ot meetings. My immediate family still talks to me, but most of my extended family only talk to me at family gatherings. I celebrate holidays and my parents and siblings know that, but it still makes things tense. I think most JW parents will do anything they can not to shun their kids.


  • Makena1

    Makena:Baptized in 1967 - 12 years old. Last meeting memorial of 2000 - so nearly 33 years.

    Wife Sabine - baptized 1970 - 14 years. Ditto on the last meeting.

    A long time - but not too late to start being normal. ; )

    All best,


  • songmistress

    LOL @ Gumby

    18 years for me. I became inactive for a time after 1 1/2 years, but like a fool went back for the next 16 years. Live and learn


  • onacruse

    Welcome to the forum, YellowLab.

    38 years, baptized when I was 10.

    gumby, I've received reports that your big toe was sticking out of the water, so you have to start over.


  • Stan Conroy
    Stan Conroy

    Took the swim in '78 and walked away for good in '97.


  • Scully

    Started the brainwashing process at age 6 when my parents got involved.

    Baptized at age 17. Last meeting attended was in late 1994. Just over 14 years baptized. For hubby it was less than that. He was 27 when he started studying, baptized the following year. about 11 years baptized by the time we quit.

    25 years total "in" for me. 12 years total "in" for him. 37 years all together to the bOrg.

    Love, Scully

  • Beans

    I got out before anyone dipped me! I escaped at 16, the proudest moment of my life!


  • Scarlet

    9 years I was Baptized. I was baptized at age 13.

  • RevMalk

    a month maybe....

    then DF'd 3 years later

  • jwsons

    27 years !


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