Girls are EVIL!!!

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  • RubyTuesday


    Although my father did'nt leave us completely ...there were weeks at a time when he would take off leaving us with no money or I totally understand about not depending on men...I also started working as a young teenager. It sucked at the time..but it sure has made us stronger..right

    I used to make the mistake of supporting men and being too generous with my money...Now I have a great man that loves to spend money on me...Life is good! Heaven ..I've always picked up on the fact that you are a strong woman...from reading your post...and nice to boot!!!


    Right on sista!! Actually ...we are SOLE sisters..get it...

    Great minds think alike...I love a good Mystery book any day of the week!! delicious to have that Steinbeck book...with all the errors..Have you ever been to Monterey California..where he drew most of his inspiration .??? I love that place.. I get a nostalgic feeling when I'm there . I must start reading his books's been a long time.

    Maybe we could agree an a book sometime and read it at the same time..and discuss it??

    Cheers to my.. new friends...Heaven and Sheila!!

    Gotta go...have to go play in the sun...check back later.

    edited to add...CC...Your alright in my book!! Hope we can be friends as well.

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  • SheilaM

    <LOL sole sisters>Sure I would love to do the book thing, I am not a "group" person but joined a book group her that one of our good clients belongs to so FAR so good. Just let me know

    I can't recall seeing Monterey Ca but may have when I was little I have been in Salinas area lived in Lompoc in the late 60's(think I may have told you this)


    My intention was not to offend, I responded in pure fun.

    C'mon ladies! . . . Let's take our OWN credit cards and go buy us some SHOES 'n' STUFF!!!

    Some of the guys just don't know a good thing when they have it!


  • Solace


    You are a sweetheart.

    You go Cass,

    I think you are great. I love a fresh viewpoint & my guess is that you know WAY more than some people want to believe.


    Not to worry, it is funny. Did someone say shopping?

  • mouthy

    Hmm!!!! Wonder if I can download those $20.00 bills & spend eM????thinking,thinking, thinking -no I better not try it..

  • Gizmo

    Hey U_R it was Eve I tells Ya it was Eve..that %^&*^& #$%&&&* @#$^&$&$ ^%$&% woman!


    EveryBODY sing! Alltogether NOW!

  • xenawarrior

    Did I hear there is a shoe sale going on in this thread???

    A woman can never have too many pairs of shoes. Unless of course she runs out of closet space but that is like running out of toothpaste- there's always just enough left

    XW of the"Emelda" class

  • Utopian_Raindrops

    You know Giz bebe I have never liked that song!

    Para ti....



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  • SheilaM


    How true, one always has enough room for shoes!!!!! let's go shoppin

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