Did a stranger baptize you?

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  • JH

    Shouldn't it have been the person who gave you your bible study, that should have baptized you? In Matthew 28:19,20 it says "Go therefore and make disciples, baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

    The way I see it, It should have been the one who gave you the biblical knowledge, that should have baptized you. Making disciples is phase one, and baptizing them is phase two.(by the same person)

    In my case, the one who spent over a year teaching me the bible, wasn't even present when I got baptized. He was too occupied with some privilege, working his way up hoping to be an elder one day.

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  • zanex

    yep probably shud have been somone that I knew but it was some poor shmuck that was probably just as brainwashed as I was at the time...lol...

  • freedom96

    I don't have a clue of who baptized me. Just another one lining up.

  • teenyuck

    I do recall he was an older man....very hairy arms. He wore a white tee shirt and red swim trunks.

    I guess I should be happy he was not in a Speedo


    1978 at a District Convention in Winnipeg, Canada, along with 90 other people. We lined up like CATTLE . . . okay . . . SHEEP! No, I don't know who baptised me. The sisters who studied with me were no where in sight.

    Did I ever feel loved. . .NOT!

    ESTEE <-----------of the "note-of-sarcasm" class

  • heathen

    That's a very good point .The aposltes wasted no time baptizing people .They certainly didn't wait for conventions .The story of the ethiopian Eunuch tells us that baptism took place wherever there seemed to be enough water . The apostle Paul baptised people in their home .

  • kelsey007

    Whoever he was would have had to have been strange to have baptized me......

  • JH

    If there are no brothers around to baptize, do the sisters have to wear a bathing cap if they want to baptize someone???

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  • Sentinel

    What a great thought JH. It makes sense, if one is to actually follow this scripture.

    I was baptised in New York City, in the bay, I believe, with literally many hundreds of others. We were transported from the large assembly at Yankee Stadium in buses.

    I have no idea who did it, but I fought and didn't make it easy for the brother. I feared going backwards under very cold water, and it ended up taking two men wrestling with me to do it...and they still didn't get me all the way under. It was a very frightening event because I felt like I was being drowned. There were very long lines, and only brothers were doing the baptising. I was fourteen at the time. My mother and I were dipped at the same time.

    Although there were many more women than men getting baptised, there were few wearing bathing suits, I believe they frowned on women wearing such sparce attire, so many of us wore pants and shirts, or a bathing suit with a blouse or long shirt to cover us. We also wore swimming caps to keep our hair from getting wet. They didn't want to give the appearance that we were all just going swimming.

    Perhaps those who wore bathing caps, and didn't go all the way under didn't count.Maybe it really didn't take after all.

    It occurs to me that perhaps for the baptism to really "take",...... one should be totally nude.

  • orangefatcat

    No sisters can't baptize a person, and I was baptized befored the questions were out in Oshawa along with 91 others. We were baptized in a pool in the Holiday Inn and the person who baptized me was an brother from our Kingdom Hall in Scarborough Wexford Congregation. His name was Fred Holder. He was a real nice person and so was his whole family.

    Love ya


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