Mass walk-out

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    Two wrongs don't make a good

  • Elsewhere

    Nevermind... I didn't think this would cause people to be mean.

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    Hey!!! I'm up to 500 posts

    of the 500 postman class


    Speaking of the Memorial. . . .

    I found this thread quite informative. . .<giggle> J


  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    I wonder if it takes a permit to pass alcohol around in a public place, especially where there are children???

    Here at least, it's real wine, every time, every week - blood of Christ. And I suppose they do use a lot of it.

    Don't know about any permits though.


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  • heathen

    To whom it may concern . When I walked out of the memorial it was because I refuse to sit there like a complete retard like the rest of them. I noticed on my way out there were others already in the parking lot so I know I wasn't the only one to take an early exit or perhaps they were removed ,I don't know .I don't even consider myself to be a christian anyway I'm not interested in the other ideas of going ahead and eating and drinking .The point I think is that noone can reason with these people without being demonized anyway .I have noticed they seem to enjoy all kinds of antics when they are the insitigators of such bs so what ever you do is no concern of mine but I would like to bring my handy cam and film so let me know .

  • JH

    Was that mass walkout or walk out of mass(KH)

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