Mass walk-out

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  • Elsewhere

    In another thread Heathen gave me a great idea...

    I'm always hearing apostates propose the idea of partaking of the emblems or passing out apostate literature at the memorial... but heathen has given me an even better idea...

    A mass walk-out. Well, at least five people or so .

    Just after the main body of the talk and just as they start to pass out the emblems... we can all get up and walk out together. You cannot tell me that wouldn't cause a stir!

    Anyone in the Dallas area wanna be a part of this?

  • JH

    I wonder if it takes a permit to pass alcohol around in a public place, especially where there are children???

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  • truthseeker1

    How about if we drank the wine and ate the cracker? Then said thanks for the food and leave.

    It would be funny, but I'm not all for disrupting people right to being brainwashed...eerr, religious freedom.

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  • heathen

    Elsewhere- lol , I'm just glad I could be of inspiration to you .JH-That's a good question ,in the US people often need a liquor license to serve alchohol. Truthseeker- I don't know why anyone would want to drink that cheep crappy wine they serve ,I'm pretty sure it's supposed to be of high quality .I'f I were to eat the bread I would make it myself that way I know where it came from and that it was done correctly.

  • Scully


    I wonder if it takes a permit to pass alcohol around in a public place, especially where there are children???

    I think the permit is required if you are going to serve/sell alcohol for consumption. For 99.9% of JWs, the "wine" is part of a symbolic "religious" ritual and is never consumed.

    But hey, it would be great to try this. There are about 1475 charitable orgs in Canada that are JW related. I think the Provinces and their respective Liquor Control Board would love the opportunity to dish out several hundred fines for serving liquour without a licence. It's particularly deliciously ironic when they usually buy Kosher Maneschweitz wine that costs about $10/bottle and tastes like crap anyway. A liquour licence in Ontario - depending on the size of the gathering - is going to cost about $50 - $100, plus they have to have a certain ratio of servers (bartenders) available depending on the size of the crowd.

    What a fabulous idea!

    Love, Scully

  • herself

    I don't know about other countries, but in the USA, churches can legally serve communion to children. The Catholic Church does, and many Protestant churches do. The JWs are no different, they are classed as a religious organization and there is no legal problem with passing the wine.


  • MegaDude

    I think you'd make a better point with a different strategy, but that's my opinion. Simply getting up and leaving? No one knows what it's about.


    *Target every car there with an "apostate" tract

    *Picket a kingdom hall with a sign that has a web address on it. (this site, Silent Lambs, Free Minds)

    *Stand up in the middle of the Memorial and say, "Stop covering over child abuse in the kingdom hall!!!!" and walk out. However, you may encounter a testy attendant and you may be arrested for disturbing the peace.

    How about standing up and showing a sign that has a web address of Free Minds or Silent Lambs as you slowly walk from the front of the kingdom hall to the back exit?


    While we are on the subject of the Memorial and the importance of passing around WINE, what did they do in the time of prohibition ? Just a silly question :)


  • heathen

    herself- I often wonder tho if the catholic church substitutes grape juice for the wine or some lame crap .They do it more than once a year and if it were actually wine it would cost a small fortune .

  • expatbrit
    expatbrit about not just getting up and walking out. Wait until the bread is passed to you, then get up and sprint out the door with it, screaming "wooooooohooooooo!!!"

    Then piss them off even more when your accomplice does the same with the wine ten minutes later.


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