Mass walk-out

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  • NeonMadman
    I often wonder tho if the catholic church substitutes grape juice for the wine or some lame crap .They do it more than once a year and if it were actually wine it would cost a small fortune .

    The Catholic church that my wife attends (and every other RC Church I've ever known about) uses real wine for communion. In fact, my wife's church sometimes uses white wine, which I find a bit distressing (it is supposed to represent blood, after all).

    The Baptist church I go to uses grape juice, which I'm not crazy about - I think real wine would be better. But it's not a major issue for me. The symbolism is intact, though I think real wine would be closer to what Christ and the disciples actually drank.

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  • imanaliento

    very interesting Elsewhere!

    if your going to do it, you may only be able to do it once, so make it good!

  • Skeptic
    I wonder if it takes a permit to pass alcohol around in a public place, especially where there are children???

    As part of a church service, I doubt it. The Catholic Church has often included wine as part of Mass for centuries.


  • Elsewhere


    I think that the more subtle approach would be more powerful.

    If we make a scene the JWs will be able to accuse us of being disruptive and say "Look, you see! Apostates are evil!"

    Sure, they are going to say this anyway, but at least those who witness it will know otherwise... perhaps it will stir the curiosity in a few people.

  • Dizzy Cat
    Dizzy Cat

    I think you have to ask yourself, what in reality do these actions actually achieve? Are you educating others to have more freedom of mind and expression, or are you simply making yourself look like a childish fool?

    To be honest, when I was a JW, I would have thought the latter of you.

    It is far better to reason with others about their beliefs, but ultimately if they choose to follow a certain faith, then leave them alone. They have every right to worship in the way they choose. Disturbing a meeting for no good reason is not a fair and just way to behave.

    I think handing out leaflets or approaching individuals after the meeting is fair enough. Afterall, JWs approach and try to reason, so choose the same tactic and earn respect. Far better than fueling the anit-apostate fire.

  • blondie

    In fact, the manufacture of sacerdotal wine kept many wineries in business during Prohibition. It was amazing how the religious spirit increased during that time.


    DC, I agree with you too. If someone came to the KH where I used to go and did that, it would not make me think I should examine my religious beliefs. It would just prove that apostates should be avoided like the plague.

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  • nakedmvistar

    I think elsewhere will just make himself look like a childish fool....This won't achieve anything....BTW, how old are you??? Let me guess, about 20?

  • heathen

    Dizzy Cat - Who the hell invites people to dinner and then tells them they aren't supposed to eat ? I mean we should all show up and make clear how hungry we are or something .It's rediculous .Blondie- That's very interesting considering it was the religionist right movement that was responsible for the prohibition to begin with. nakedmvistar - I've met Elsewhere and he certainly seems old enough to make his own decisions on things.

  • JH


    The catholic church doesn't offer alcohol to children in the church. The witnesses do offer wine to every child, under age.

  • truthseeker1

    When I went to catholic church, I drank the wine, and I was a child.

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