Another Victim lost BACK TO WT - how sad

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  • AGuest

    My "basis and case", dearest, dearest, DBear, is based on what I myself have seen and heard. And I could tell folks all day long... but THEY want to know that someone else saw/sees, heard/hears said/says it, too. For purposes of "credibility", yes? But, I understand your point, dear one, of course.

    As for "resting" my case, honey that was not due to what you posted, not at all, but a couple others... particularly the one right before mine (which is what I was responding to). If you read it, you might "see" that it actually proves my original point as stated to JT.



  • DannyBear

    Yes dear I knew that.........

    Thanks for the exchange Shell..............I alway's enjoy our dancing together. Although a stiff margarita would enhance the whole affair.

    Good nite fair lady.......James Penton's book Apocolypse Delayed (a christmas gift to myself) awaits me next to my bed........of course my lady alway's laughs at me when I say Iam going to read now........she knows that once I get comfortable in bed.......about 5 pages into the read.......Iam out like a light.


  • Michael3000


    So true, so sad:

    for many white bro they are able to fit back into mainstream society better if they leave wt, while blacks have a harder time

    case in point in the little town i am in if a white bro left the org he could join the country club, make contacts, and est biz relationships in town with the power brokers

    if a black bro left HE CAN'T EVEN JOIN THE COUTRY CLUB

    so in my opinion it is like blacks feel they have more to lose-

    My opinion, too, is that being a Dub gives Blacks (and other minorities) such a sh!tload of false hope: they believe they have actually found a way around the White Man's system. This is especially problematic for Black males (as you have already pointed out so well), in the area of employment - much less actually advancing & being successful. So, many of them choose to stick with a way of life that seems to hold out the JW prospect (read: "fairytale") that all humans will one day live in true equality and peace. It's heartbreaking to read the conversations between you and that Sister - I know many like her. Whenever I see JW's in the subway system here in NYC, by and large they are Blacks or Hispanics. Following your theory to its logical conclusion, just before the JW's self-destruct, perhaps most of their numbers will be made up of "minorities". Adds a little something to my opinion of J R Brown, & his motives for getting up every morning...

    -- Mike

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