Another Victim lost BACK TO WT - how sad

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  • teejay
    She is reading the board by the way. -- JT

    That's cool, JT. To that, I say...

    Welcome, Sister Whatever Your Name Is / Whoever You Are.

    Please allow me to let you know that, even though I don't know you, you are my mother. My Moms just turned 71 and will never get to where you are now. I am the 5th of her six babies -- 45 yrs old, now -- and I love the heritage of The Truth that she gave me that will live with me always. Still... she will never get to the point of questioning, even in private company with her Baby Boy (me), that she has the slightest doubt that the Governing Body is anything more than what it claims.

    But, as I say... that's cool. Some people like my mother (and maybe people like you) find as much happiness among the Watchtower Society as they will ever find. We all have our limits, and the Society might hold everything we could ever hope for. If that is true of you, I suggest you stay right where you are.

    On the other hand, if you wonder...

    If you question...

    You must honor life's ambition and follow your heart and find the answer to those questions.

    Why settle for less than everything within your grasp? I won't.

    Take care and all the best,


    p.s. Email me if you want at

  • teejay

    I saw a painting once...

    A simple painting, really.

    A coal black arm was reaching from the top, over a wall, down through the middle of the painting to another black arm that was reaching up from the bottom. The wrists on both arms had marks of chains.

    Like I said... it was a simple painting.

    I remember my reaction when, as a Free man, I saw that painting for the first time. It stunned me. I stood there and looked at it for what must have been a long time. People prolly thought I was crazy. "What's wrong with this fool?"

    I shoulda bought that painting. Right now, I'm sorry I didn't.

  • Gizmo

    Hi James,

    Have you been on vacation...haven't seen you for a while.

    I'm not going to comment on the discussion you had with that sister, but what I am kinda shocked about (although I don't know why things about the JW's shock me anymore) is that we, or at least some of us in other countries outside of the US had no idea that congregations still had white only and black only congregations. i mean i understand the need for foreign language congregations, Greek, italian, etc, because some cannot comprehend english as well as their own native tongue, but for there to be a Black congregation only????

    This disturbs me to say the least! Why is this necessary in the US? Is racism in the (b)org an issue, now still in the 21st century? From what you say it seems to be the case.I know back in the 40's 50's 60's there was still segregation down in the south, but now? This saddens me beyond belief.

    I had no idea you had to put up with that kinda crap. A lot of things are just not revealed to people in other countries. I grew up in the (b)org and here is naive lil ol me thinking that as Gods chosen people we were all unified as one, regardless of colour, or ethnic background. Just another nail in the JW coffin for me I'm afraid.

    How sad.

    edited to add...HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and Mrs James..:)

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  • DannyBear


    I think JT was refering to 'black congregations' that were so due to location, rather than segregation.

    You are so right about segregation tho, when I was pioneering in the deep south Georgia in the late 60's, there were in fact seperate congregations. Funny thing the white congregations would go door to door in the black communities.....any studies or interest would eventually be directed to the appropriate hall.

    Segregation was alive and well at least into 1969.......four years after 'Ceaser' had passed legislation against it in the public arena.


  • unclebruce

    laughing my arse off @ dannyman (shelby showering a bloke with hugs does kinda ameliorate the urge to thump the be-a-jesus outta her

    The news that your daughter is meeting up with you has made my year dannyman! (hey, the years only 4 days old butt :) big HUG cobber .. my heart goes with you.


    hey shelby darl'n, of course i remmember you preaching to the horse of israel on h20

    I don't think the stir you caused had much to do with your skin color. I'd certainly have jumped if i thought that. (maybe i missed a hidden undercurrent) I do remmember standing up for a black girl who delivered an absolutley brilliant rant against the tower in some strange street dialect (the h20 conservative pedants weren't welcoming of diversity and had given the woman short shrift)

    Hey, someone said you posted your picture here. Where is it? I (i wanna see if you got evil eyes .. or ears or nose lol)

    happy 2003 sweetheart

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  • DannyBear


    So good to see ya back brother!!!

    Yeah Shell and I go a round or two every now and again. But she is so damn lovable, I could just (((((()))))) her. Since you have not laid eye's on her, she is not by any means unpleasant to look at.

    Thanks for mentioning my good fortune with the daughter's. Iam so pleased. My oldest and her new husband of less than a year, are going to meet T and I in San Francisco next month. We will spend a few day's doing the tourist thingy.......taking them to my all time favorite restraunt anywhere..."Tommy Toy's" a grand eatery if there ever was one.

    You made my holiday season bright as well my friend.


  • AGuest

    D-Bear-Able-Dude! Peace... and yes, I "know" (big smile)!

    You asked whether I could simply tell other's about [my] Jah-Meshca/Saviour (sic) without resorting to the bible as a basis for belief? And my answer is absolutely! I do it all the time. Matter of fact, I told a young man at dinner tonight: he was just about to steal a bottle of apple juice I shook my head, asked him NOT to and offered to buy him dinner instead. He reluctantly accepted (said he would rather have stolen the juice would feel better about it and not like he "owed" me), and asked my WHY I would do such a thing when I didnt even know him. Of course, you know the answer: I heard and obeyed. Now, what he DOES with that... well... that's not my concern, really. My concern... is doing what I was directed to do.

    As for using the Bible, the ONLY reason I quote it here at (and on H20 and New Light 2) is because I am speaking to Israel (or those who think they are) and those who go with them (or think they do)... and they always seem to NEED to SEE the Law or principle or teaching or whatever written on stone tablets". Which is for unbelievers, as believers walk not by SIGHT but by faith. I ask you, how did the prophets do it BEFORE the Bible and/or Scriptures were written or compiled?

    On another note, I do wish to say that I found what Teejay wrote and JT quoted quite curious (and odd, since JT didnt respond to me in light of it):

    I CAUGHT this little point you stated BELOW and as you can see it is exactly a carbon copy of the same statement that was made to me when I too asked the sister to stop and think

    For you stated:

    Finally he told me that he didn't see any need to continue the conversation and that, until I decided to "come back to Jehovah," there wasn't any need for us to talk together ever again

    Notice how I was told almost the same thing:...

    However, we are on two entirely separate paths and the[re] is no further need for us to continue this dialog

    It is so sad to literally see ABOVE HOW THEY SHUT DOWN

    I, too, agree with that last statement. But I have found that very same thing happen MANY times here, with regard to me and my beliefs. Truly, it all comes down to "unless 'we' see eye to eye unless 'we' agree unless 'we' are on the same page and of the same belief theres no point in further conversation "... yes? So I would have to ask you, dear JT, did you REALLY catch the point?

    A gain, peace to all!

    A slave of Christ,


  • jesussaves


    I commend you for your seed planting! Also being a highly intelligent African-American woman, I notice the difficulty with helping my friends and family out of the org. I know alot of disfellowshipped folks who still believe every single last bit of JW doctrine. They don't want to go back because they either feel they are not ready to serve God or that they'll never be a good JW.

    I went through the same dilemma. I didn't leave because of any lights coming on about incorrect doctrine. I left because the elders at my hall dogged me to no end. I was treated like a harlot, while my partner in crime (the son of an elder) was privately reproved and unaffected. Now, the only reason I ever started to investigate the JW doctrine is because my boyfriend at the time (now husband) shared the real gospel with me.

    I was mostly affected by John 8, where the Pharisees bring a woman to be judged by Jesus and he tells them ' whoever is without sin cast the first stone' (not exact quotation) I realized that I was in a religion full of hypocrisy, and that was nothing like Jesus.

    After this, I read COC and got the awakening of a lifetime. I now belong to a progressive Pentecostal church.

    Now, I said all this to say that the young woman is searching, and until she finds something that she can grasp, she going to keep going back to the known (JWs). It took me a long time to get to the point where I could even hear anything I considered 'apostate'.

    I've talked to my dad alot, and he has tons of doubts, yet he continues to go to the statement 'JWs may not have it 100% correct, but no one else out here is any closer.' I challenge him frequently on this because he's a born and raised JW. How in the world does he even know what other religions teach? He only knows what the Society says they teach.

    Keep up the good work JT. Jesus loves you for it :) :) *wink wink*

  • AGuest

    I rest my case...

    A slave of Christ,


  • DannyBear


    Although I can relate to your showing compassion, for the covetous 'juice' thief......and the corresponding thoughts relating to the ancient men of God having no volumes of scripture to refer to, it still remains, that without 'the bible' you would have no basis, or authority, for your witnessing. Can you see my point?

    I know you rested your case, but I had to respond. Well.... because Iam a tenacious bear sometimes, is all.


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