I am new here - sharing my story

by YellowLab 38 Replies latest jw experiences

  • mouthy

    Welcome Yellowlab-so happy your wife left with you...Great the kids wont be under mind control--- as for the K Hell with no windows. I was told that the reason they have no windows is because "sheep" were letting their minds wander by looking out of the window while the contolling of the mind was in progress. Which I believe. I am so glad to e you. Keep us "tuned" in about the Christmas tree being seen-My neice was DF for having a Christmas tree. So expect it!!!!!

  • Robotnomore

    Welcome Yellowlab,

    It's great to see that you have been thinking for yourself and researching the WT for yourself. We are new here too. We had our first post a week or two ago. Like you, we just celebrated our first Christmas. We enjoyed it immensely. To freely be able to celebrate Christ birth was a wonderful experience. To be free of the borg is a wonderful experience. To have true Christian Freedom is a wonderful experience. To raise your kids without the WT indoctrination is truly a blessing. Hang in there. It will be worth it.

  • email

    Welcome YellowLab... Welcome to the board!

    I am very happy for you and your wife... I hope you can find confort and support here with people that have gone through very similar experiences including myself.

    Again... Welcome and we hope to hear more from you



  • Stan Conroy
    Stan Conroy

    "We were told by the elders that we couldn't get married in the KH because my fiance was only a Witness for a few months and that it might "stumble" people. Imagine that!"

    Hi YellowLab. The same thing happened to me. They said that we were both in "good standing" but couldn't get married in the hall. She was only baptized a short time before we were engaged. Man was I pissed!! After a life time of cleaning, repairing, contributing etc. all I wanted was 45 minutes of pay back and they said no. That was the last time I ever lifted a finger to clean that dump, and never dropped a penny in the box again. It wasn't long after that that I was outta there for good. We got married at City Hall, and hardly anyone attended.

    14 years later, I'm on my second wife, a Catholic woman who never had anything to do with the JW's. What a difference being married to a normal person!!

    just my $.02 worth...


  • ThiChi

    Welcome, my dear Brother! It takes guts to make a stand for your family and truth (the real truth!)..

  • johnathanseagull

    Good to have you with us....Welcome

    J Gull

  • ugg

    hi and welcome,,,,,it is nice to meet you....you will like it here...lots of personalities,,,,great people all have been through some kind of hell.....lots of understanding.....

  • twinkletoes

    Welcome YellowLab and Robotnomore !!

    So good to have you with us, we look forward to reading more from you. This is a great place to be and there are so many really kind people here, we have found that whenever we need a bit of research on any WT related subject, there are always people who will give their time to help.

    Kaytee & Twinkletoes

  • ColdRedRain

    Neighbor from the west chiming in! Welcome!

  • Windchaser

    Welcome, YellowLab!!!!!!!!!!! Nice to meet ya!


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