If YOUR Child Was A Pedophile, What Would You Do?

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  • Abaddon

    By pedophile, do you mean someone sexually attracted to children, or one who acts on that attraction?

    The former can be something that someone has to fight. I think most parents would stand by their children as they struggled with such a horrible curse.

    The later is a crime, a pretty henious one, and I'd never, despite my inate glibness, be able to answer that unless it happened, as it would depend on a lot of factors.

  • RubyTuesday

    Lin....so terribly sorry for you having to go through that.It is especially hard for you because when someones child is molested they can pretty much never have to see or have anything to do with the perp.In your case not only do you have to see him you are also emotionly attached to him.I cannot even begin to imagine what you must of went through and still are. I hope you daughter is doing well.You appear to be a very strong person and have you life together.

    I don't have children, but I do have a sister that protected a pedophile instead of her daughter.I have absoulty nothing to do with her , neither does my mother....just the thought of looking at her sickens me to no end.I know it must be much easier to cut off all ties with a sibling than your own kid...I know my mom has a very difficult time with this...but she is one tough cookie.

  • minimus

    If my child was a pedophile I would try to get her the very best help available. I would not think that I would disown her. Larc, that's what I would do, try to get her good professional help. Would you try to get your child help? Would you disown the person? I wouldn't. I hope that answers the quwstion of what I would do.

  • ashitaka

    I would cut off any family member who committed pedophelia/murder/rape, and I would help to put them away.


  • RubyTuesday

    I don't think you can "get help" for a sociopath.

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  • pettygrudger

    Love for my children is unconditional - they could be serial killers & I wouldn't stop loving them.

    1st - the age that this abnormal behavior presents would have alot to do with the course of action I took. If still a child, then there's still opportunity to figure out whats wrong & take appropriate steps towards therapy. But, as an adult my child would know right from wrong - and if they don't have the courage to face this problem & deal with it, they deserve whatever justice should be meted out for said perps.

    If my son was an "adult", although it would break my heart I would have to do what I would do if I found ANYONE hurting a child - alert proper authorities and let them decide the best course of action.

  • Witch Child
    Witch Child

    My heart would be broken into a million pieces if one of my kids grew up to molest children. My babies are my babies and I will love them no matter what. That said, I would never allow them to hurt anyone. I would do absolutely everything in my power to prevent them from hurting children. I would turn them over to the police, testify against them etc. I would also do everything I could to get my child whatever help I could. I would never stop being their mommy who loves them.

    How could I tear the heart from my body and still live?


  • safe4kids
    How could I tear the heart from my body and still live?

    Well said, Witch Child!


  • LB

    This is obviously an emotional issue, especially for mothers. But Minimus child molestors can't be helped now can they? Even the program that Simon mentioned has at least a 30% failure rate. The one thing I belive mothers have difficulty with is "tough love". If you continue to give the perv their little hugs all you are doing is enabling them.

    I've found that when children are young it's nearly impossible to think of not loving them. Especially for mothers. It's way different when those children are adults. Put a visual in your mind of your son or daughter murdering someone, actually taking a knife and slicing an innocent person open. Put a visual in your mind of your offspring molesting a child. Not just once but over and over. Your offspring is now an adult mind you and they are ruining people's lives.

    I would have no problem putting such a person, offspring or not, out of my life.

  • safe4kids

    Quite frankly, I'm rather tired of people using the emotion card towards women in some derogatory way, as if we aren't able to separate emotion and reason. That's not an attack LB, but a clear statement of my feelings on that subject.

    Anyway...I see it as two separate issues...would I stop loving my child because they've done horrible things? No, I don't believe so. Would I support or condone in some way such acts? Hell no.


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