JWs Say Good-Bye to Veteran's Stadium!

by Funchback 25 Replies latest social current

  • DIM

    Hey Funch, the last time we attended the Vet in the summer of 2001, we showed up at 10 AM, went out for breakfast, went to South Street, went to Wawa...anything to avoid sitting in the sun. As long as we were around at 5 to meet up w/ our friends afterwards, nobody questioned us!

  • Funchback


    You have given me some great ideas (although I plan on never attending an Assembly again).

    Did you try to make it back in time to help clean after each day? hahahahahaha

  • RandomTask

    Hey, the Vet still has to house the Phillies next year! then they can tear it down.

    Why don't the dubs use the Omni or something?

  • Nikita
    District Assemblys were HELL. I went to the Vet, too, and it was the murderous seat of Satan. I don't think there was ever a hotter stadium ever built.

    Haha, Ash, that is a hilarious statement and oh so true!!!!!!


  • raistlin_majere

    I have a scar on my back where one of those embossed metal seat numbers, you know the ones on the back of those murderously upright seats, burned the number 216 permanently into my back.

    We got to the stadium at noon. The circus was next door, stinking to high hell, elephant dung punctuating lunch. I sat down in that chair and I distinctly remember hearing the sizzle of flesh. That little metal tab had to have been sitting in the sun for eight hours or more getting hot.

    Uh eighteen years of life flushed down the toilet and I had no say in the matter.

  • ashitaka
    punching the 'please be seated' man in the face ....oh wait that was just a recurring daydream i had during the talks lol !

    LOL. Hey My mom dreamed of that, too! Especially the snot-nosed kid who thought he was sitting at the right hand of God by flapping those stupid cards at people.


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