JWs Say Good-Bye to Veteran's Stadium!

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  • Cassiline

    LOL Truthseeker!!!!

    The Vet was my "home" for almost every convention as a child/teen, unless we were visiting another area. I will never forget the heat it was unbearable. I hated it more then the droaning speakers.

    I know I wont miss it at all. Except for the baseball games!!

    Did/do any of you notice that ONLY Pioneer sisters are allowed to sit with the Contribution boxes?~~ Funchback

    I "attented" contribution boxes. I was not a pioneer, I was a young teen. Perhaps a new rule or different time?

  • arachnia

    Hey Aztec!

    I was also a Silverdomite. Were you there when they had the place divided in half by a huge curtain and the motocross people were practicing in the other section? Or when there was some dance group either practicing or giving a show at The Main Event (that restaurant inside the dome)? Remember "smilin, stylin' and profilin?" ;-) I grew up in the Rochester, MI congregation and subsequently went to Troy, MI and Royal Oak, MI after getting married. Any chance we might know each other?


  • Room 215
    Room 215

    As I began my backslide, I always made a point never to attend the District Assembly to which we were assigned. This gave me one more precious weekend of undisturbed peace at the homestead. I would either go to an indoor venue someplace or not go at all, after having told all the nosier dubs I was planning on attending elsewhere.

  • outnfree
    Did/do any of you notice that ONLY Pioneer sisters are allowed to sit with the Contribution boxes?

    Not so, Funch! I was 'privileged' to wear a gold star on my name badge and miss parts of the DC. I did it because I couldn't come clean the Silverdome pre-convention one year and felt guilty about not 'having a share." LOL The next year I did it cause it was waaaaaay preferable to cleaning those filthy seats! (I think the Pioneer sisters did it to earn even MORE brownie points!)

    Only experience I have with Veterans' Stadium is that my best friend from NJ went there one year and vowed "Never again!"


  • ashitaka

    I want to cry when I think of the horrible times i spent at the vet. It was such a hell-box.....Kabong said it best.


  • Funchback

    Room 215-

    No doubt they are changing facilities due to the inevitable demise of The Vet. But here's another tidbit (that ties in with your money theory): Jeffrey Laurie (owner of the Eagles) is making it very tough (and strict) on who can use the new football stadium (other than the Eagles). They want the stadium to be a first-class structure and don't want anyone or group to mess it up. So, any group that wants to rent the new football stadium is going to have to pay BIG bucks. Thus, the WTBTS is out of the picture.

  • Funchback

    Intuit said :

    The people I know in that area haven't gone to Vets for years; they usually go down to Delaware racetrack or Virginia Beach, wherever there is an indoor convention (or just don't go at all).

    Virginia Beach, perhaps. But the Delaware Racetrack hasn't been used in years (I believe the last time was 1984, when I got baptized). Plus, it is an outdoor facility. Did you know that a large part of Maryland, all of Delaware, and all of South Jersey all are assigned to The Vet? Why? Because the "Society" is too darn cheap to rent facilities in those areas. So, they burden the JWs in Maryland and southern Delaware by forcing them to travel to Philadelphia and rent a hotel room for at least two nights!

  • Funchback

    cassline and outnfree-

    Okay, I stand corrected. But, one time at The Vet, a pioneer sister who was a friend of mine asked me to guard the "box" while she went to use the bathroom. Some brother who oversaw the "boxes" happened to come by while I was guarding the box. When she returned, he gave her HELL! He said that ONLY Pioneers were allowed to guard the boxes. I felt guilty. She felt guiltier.

    I wish I could float back in time. Then, I would have dipped my hand into the box and took some dinner money out. Also, I would have kicked that brothers a$$.

  • Aztec

    Hi arachnia!!!

    I'm not sure if I remember the motocross but I totally remember the dancing at the Main Event. It was so hard to pay attention to the boring drivel talks when all those people were having so much fun. I remember everyone around me giggling and watching the "show". That was hilarious! I went to mostly Northern Michigan congregations: Hale, Midland, and Flint. I live down near Detroit now and I work in Royal Oak! I saw your id on the exjw meetup site. Have you ever gone to one? I think there is one tomorrow and if I can find a ride I might go. We'll see..


  • flower

    I was just telling my SO about the Vet being torn down yesterday and he just found this post! I went to the Vet my whole life and believe me it was worst the hell.

    I bet none of the JW's will miss that place. I wont forget..

    ankles swollen up from the heat

    sweaty boobs under my clothes

    trying to walk down the uphill ramp after a looong day in the sun

    not having an umbrella and getting there to late for a shaded seat

    punching the 'please be seated' man in the face ....oh wait that was just a recurring daydream i had during the talks lol !


    ps. hey funch, i volunteered a couple of times and sat by the contribution boxes for a couple of hours...and i am happy to say i NEVER pioneered a day in my life!

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