I Need A Witty Caption, WT Pic

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  • SYN

    "This morning's instruction is for all you New Bethelites. We're going to talk about going to the bathroom without touching your weenie."

    "Brother Flippy, you're not looking very Spiritual this morning. Is something wrong? Did you squeak the ewok again last night? Remember we talked about that?"

    "Damn, 3 day old bread rolls! I haven't had 'em that fresh in YEARS!"

    "Don't look now, but we have to stand up and clap when the meal is over!"

    "Bethel, the only place where we rehash the Watchtower TWICE! Once every morning, then on Monday nights!"

    Suffering severe glaucoma, Brother Knorr got up to address the table. Looking down the length of it, he suddenly realized that Sister Forgetalot had dressed in a regrettable shade of lilac, and sat down again rapidly from the shock to his system.

    "All right, who spiked the coffee with non-decaf? I can see those grins! You're all tripping out of your skulls, aren't ya? Own up!"

    As he finished reading the last paragraph, Brother Flippy felt a toe rubbing his crotch. Unfortunately, there was no Sister sitting across from him, and the Sisters at the table were not known for their athletic leg-bending abilities.

  • cruzanheart

    And then the traveling salesman said to the farmer's daughter . . . .


  • jgnat

    It is a new day, and I am still laughing! Thanks,

    abaddon, detective, goshawk, englishman, ozziepost, LovesDubs, Country Girl, Mary, SYN, cruzanheart, NoMoreJW

    Spiritual Food is to Die for! Goody, Kool-Aid! Levitating tables! hahahahahahaha

  • LDH

    OK, First place award goes to Focus, who correctly noted this photo was originally used in 1994!!!


    Why the hell can't they update their cheap ass photos?!?!?!

    Second place award goes to the poster who reserved a "Bum Poking Demon" for Ted Jar-ass.

    Great thread.


  • TR

    "Good morning brothers and sisters! This morning, we are examining why 99.9% of the population must be slaughtered."


  • iggy_the_fish

    Read-throughs of the Bethel Christmas variety show continued to go well,

    "I say I say I say, what do you call a man who goes from door to door selling bread?"

    "I don't know, what do you call a man who goes from door to door selling bread?"

    "A Je-hovis Witness!" BOOM BOOM


    (btw, Hovis is a brand of sliced brown bread here in the UK, in case you don't have it in your particular corner of the world, and I'd hate you to miss out on the joke!)

  • Michael3000

    "When the HELL are they gonna bring out the cheddar biscuits???!!!"

    - or -


  • orangefatcat

    "Sisters passing Vibrators under the Table."

    "Brother So and So pass me a Condom "

    "Crash Test Dummies set for paradise"

    "Oh craps where's the dice"

    Love kitty kat.

  • JeffT

    Those brownies Sister Smith's friend sent us tasted funny, but I haven't been this hungry in years.

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