A Masturbators Greatest Fear...

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  • Scarlet

    When I die I plan to haunt all my great grandsons and scare the shit out of them when they mastubate. I think that will be great fun.

  • Mackin

    ROFLMAO @ Scarlet

    You will be/are? are cool Grannie.


  • COMF
    deceased family members who gaze appalled at the antics of wankers / wankees as they set about their breathless activities.

    Nonsense. Those very deceased family members also used to wank. And they, too, were worried about their dead family members watching. Now that they're dead too, they've been able to get with those dead family members and have everybody come clean ("I saw you jackin' off and wiping it on the sheets. Gross. I used to keep a stack of hankies in a bedside drawer for that." "You used to wank, grampa?" "Of course I did. Waddiathink, I was a robot?") So they know that it's okay for the living to wank, too... in fact, they wish we would eradicate the guilt once and for all.

    The following prepaid message brought to you by Sister Grannie's Majickal Ouija Boards.

  • Scarlet

    Will be I have to have kids first Mackin.

  • mouthy

    I am staying out of this one.I am in enough trouble !!!!Ovey!

  • Englishman


    How about the Winkywanky bird?

    You know every time he winks he wanks, every time he wanks he winks.

    Poor little bugger never gets any sleep.


  • shera

    ...."Did you know, for example, that mothers and fathers who stroke the genitals of their fretful babies to keep them quiet are unwittingly encouraging them to become masturbators later on?"....

    Where in the hell did you read that?

  • dannywalsh

    a masturbators greatest fear is to be found guilty of stealing in a muslim country

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