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  • kelpie

    Hi All

    Well my man and I have been talking about getting engaged.

    We have been looking at engagement rings and trying them on etc.

    Now I wont know when he has chosen the ring or is going to propose but he wants some suggestions as to how I would like to be proposed to.

    I thought it might be interesting to find out how you proposed/were proposed to/ or would like to be proposed to....

    Look forward to your replies. I am such a romantic!!!! If you have any pictures of the event that would be nice to.

    Kelps (of the hopelessly in love class)

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  • meadow77

    My husband threw me a surprise B-day party at our favorite restaurant. He wrote me a poem and everything. It was a huge surprise and so wonderful. I cried, the whole restaurant clapped. It was great.

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  • Prisca

    My ex-fiance asked me on a hill overlooking the sea at sunset. It was very nice and romantic.

    Hmm, since you're in Canberra you have no seas to look over. Perhaps Lake Berley Griffin might have to do!

  • kelpie

    Well he better hurry up and propose before all the water dries up!!!

    Prisca, you should come down for australia day weekend.....

  • Windchaser

    Husband #1: "Wanna get married?" Me: "Yes."
    Husband #2: "Wanna get married?" Me: "Yes."
    ex-Husband #1 "We better get married." Me: "Okay."
    ex-Husband #1 (yes, third proposal): "You're gonna lose me...wanna get married?" Me: "No."

    Now, if I could have what I really want in a proposal...I would want it to be traditional. I would want the ring, the bent knee and expressions of great love and devotion. The roses. The eye contact. The kindred-spirit kinda feeling you get when you just know that this guy is a person who understands you and likes you anyway. The long kiss. The falling backward toward the ground...


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  • kelpie

    bump bump to the top..

    Come on peoples.....

    I know there is many more romantic people out there!!!!!!! 'fess up and tell us your story

  • caligirl

    My husband proposed to me on Coronado Island, with the San Diego night skyline as a beautiful background. He got down on one knee and vowed to spend the rest of his life making me as happy as I made him, asked me to be his wife and slipped the most gorgeous ring on my finger. He has certainly made me the happiest woman on earth!

    Quite a contrast to my first husband: we walked into JCPenney, tried on a few rings, found one he could afford, I put it on my finger and we left.

  • yrs2long


    Lots of good responses on this thread by Onacruse:

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