PO's sons and daughters sign in here

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  • Beans

    We were the example of the congregation, we were to do no wrong! The strickt life of being counselled everyday on everything!

    But were we the worst, I did almost everything you were not suposed to do! Perhaps it was in spite!



  • Elsewhere

    My dad is not a PO, but he is an elder and my mom claims to be of the annointed.

    He is a master of guilt-trips... my mother is a bitch from hell when it is that time of the month.

    A Jackass and a Bitch sitting in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g....

  • RunningMan

    My dad was an elder from the beginning of the elder arrangement, and served as the PO for a while.

  • kelpie

    My Dad is the only elder in his congregation. There are no MS's or anything.

    He is the one that told the local elders where I live about my situation...

    He told me that he has to set the example!

    Yeah right

  • RN

    OK, I'll play. My dad was an elder for about 15 years and definately "did his time" as PO. Living in a fishbowl was one of my all-time favorite experiences. I would say that his year of being PO was really no different for me that any other time. Except for one 'special friend', I was actually terrorized more by my own mother over issues of behavior, spirituality, being a good example, etc. In the end she got hers, so to speak. Once my dad was appointed PO, a number of sisters began giving her the business and really pissed her off.

    Hey Hillbilly!! What are your general impressions of those years???


  • Prisca

    My dad was a Congregation Servant and when the PO arrangement came into place, he was a PO until he resigned due to my mother's sickness.

    Even after he stepped down,he still acted like an elder in regards to his actions and attitudes. It didn't help that many in the congregation still came to him on advice, even many years after his resignation as elder.

  • Jourles

    Does son-in-law count? And does having an uncle as an ex-CO who's now a PO count too?

  • johnathanseagull

    I have both a twin brother and a brother in-law that are both Elders, both spineless b**tards if you ask me but according to my dub parents that "new light" keeps on a shinin outta there arses LOL.

    J Gull

  • orangefatcat

    My father was an elder since its inception and prior to that he was part of the three party service committee. During all those years he was asked to be P. O. but due to extreme illness had to turn it down. The last time his appointment came through dad never became PO. He died September 3, 1995. From complications of a kidney tumor and then a second surgery several hours later, because of a bleeder. Nothing could be done to bring his blood count back up. Even the ethroprotien didn't work.

    After giving his life to the WTBS and he believed in the GoveringBody as the last word. As Our Mother he would say. He was thourghly devoted to a mans organization. How sad. And my mom well she will never understand. And here I am going on and on about stuff. Sorry Beans.

    Luv. Orangefatcat.

  • caligirl

    Not PO's daughter, but my dad has been an elder for most of my life. I remember the night he became an elder, another elder's wife told me " Now you'll have to be good" Yes folks, I was required to abstain from wearing dangly earings(no, I am NOT kidding!) because allegedly someone was offended by it. Turned out to be the senile PO's wife who never had any children that decided it was wrong (but it was only wrong for me, not any of the other umpteen young teenagers in the hall). My parents thought that it was stupid, but made me go with it anyways to "maintain peace"

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