Did you want to be a MS?

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  • Farkel

    : Did you want to be a MS or did you prefer not to have any responsibilities in the congregation?

    I WAS an MS and a damn good one, too. At the tender age of 22 I was responsible for telling a 45 year-old-divorcee named "Sister Weak" who had a whole bucket full of personal problems that she certainly wouldn't tell a kid like me that she should really start attending meetings again and selling Watchtower Books. Yeah, I was REALLY proud of my "spiritual experience" which was simply that I had been selling Watchtower books all my life and didn't rock their boat.

    My MS "responsibilities" included giving hour talks to our congo and to other congos (I was pretty good at that), conducting a "book study" (most honest thing the WTS said. It was definitely a "book study") in some poor soul's home, being in charge of the second TMS school at our Hall, and filling in EVERY TIME for the fifteen minute Instruction Talk when the guy who was supposed to give it, didn't show up. I also often filled in for twenty minutes parts on the Service Meeting when some other guy didn't show up.

    My life in WatchtowerWorld(tm) taught me how to do "impromptu" bullshit, and I was good at it.

    The Watchtower Printing Corporation never even gave me a toaster for all that hard work. They owe me a toaster, or at least a blender. Bastards! I gave them 24 years of my life and my money and they won't give me at least a toaster? Ungrateful bastards: "I sold your freaking BOOKS for all of my young life, you bastards!"

    Farkel, of the meek Class

  • Scully

    My dad once told me that had I been a boy, I would have been a really good Ministerial Servant or Elder. Unfortunately not having a penis disqualified me from those PRIVILEGES TM . I've often wondered what it is about having a penis that makes a person more qualified to be a MS or Elder. I still haven't figured that one out.

    I guess if there is a god, she's got a good sense of humor because none of my brothers turned out to be MS or elder material.

    Love, Scully

  • Farkel


    : Unfortunately not having a penis disqualified me from those PRIVILEGES TM . I've often wondered what it is about having a penis that makes a person more qualified to be a MS or Elder. I still haven't figured that one out.

    It's a guy thing. They have them, so those who don't have them are worthless and only worthy of serving those who have them.

    Even an idiot can see that some person with a penis is fully qualified to give better talks than someone without a penis.

    This is so simple that even a child can understand it: providing of course, that the child also has a penis. Otherwise, forget about it! Penis-less people are simply inferior. Get used to it!

    This is all "Bible-Based(tm)." Read ALL of the OT and then confirm that crap with the collected works of that idiot known as the "apostle" Paul.


  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    My penis and I were an MS for almost a year. Then I got married to a penis-less person and moved to a different congregation where they declined to accept my old congregation's recommendation that my penis and I stay in the revered position of MS. Shortly after that, I got my ass out of that organization and now my body parts and I live in harmony.

  • Alligator Wisdom
    Alligator Wisdom

    No. But that didn't matter!

    I one day just before the meeting began, the service committee called me into the "backroom" and told me that I was approved by "Brooklyn" and was now a MS. (I suppose I did everything according to the WT/GB's Talmud of rules). I didn't even have any say in the matter. It was just given to me unexpectedly. Maybe it was because the elders needed help in the congregation and no other brother was "qualified". It was official when the PO made the announcement during the Service Meeting that night.

    However, over the past two years I did decline appointment of eldership twice. Boy, were the elder body puzzled! They continued to harass persuade me to accept this "fine" privilege of service. No way! (details within my personal profile).

    I am currently a MS, although I turned in my letter requesting to step down on October 30,2002. Still waiting for an official acknowledgment. The elder body, however, did put me on "light duty", which I'm currently in. From what I hear, I'll have to explain my decision to the CO in person (when his next visit is scheduled in April this year).

    Now attempting the slow fade ~

    Alligator Wisdom (aka Brother "NOT" Exerting Vigorously")

  • Patanegra

    Become a MS?

    No, thanks.

    It meant more speeches and more public talk, which actually I hated.

    Anyway, it was damn easy to avoid qualifying for the post. Just kept my records very low (<8 hours per month).


  • Elsewhere

    The elders blind-sided me with the "privilege"

    One day out of the blue an elder asked to talk to me in the "back room". I was thinking, "oh $#!+, what have I done?!?!" Then he asked me if i knew of any reason why I would not qualify to be an MS... I made the mistake of lying and next thing I knew I had a greater privilege burden than ever before. Yup... appointed by Holy Spirit... and a lie.

    I was not even trying to become an MS. You guys are right about how much influence family has. I was part of a very prominent family with many elders, MS's, pioneers, 's, and anointed ones... I guess someone pulled some strings without telling me.

  • pr_capone

    I already did everything an MS would be doing short of giving the talks during the service meeting. I was never appointed though. Looking back on it I see it as a blessing. I thik it would have been harder for me to fade (or in my case just not show up anymore oneday) if I had been.

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