Did you want to be a MS?

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  • JH

    Do you think that if a brother didn't become a Ministerial Servant in a reasonable amount of time, that he was considered weak? Did you want to be a MS or did you prefer not to have any responsibilities in the congregation?

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  • onthego

    While that is one view, another is that the elders believe he might tell the police some of the dark stuff they are hiding such as child molestation. So it is just as likely to his credit they do not appoint him and no other elder body does either, since the coverup policy on molestation is from the top down and earthwide. They may also be into heavy visual or electronic surveillance. He, his wife or family and friends may think he's weak because they don't believe the information about the molestings put out on by the media including Dateline NBC. But it's probably actually to his credit.

  • AnotherEscapee

    No, not weak just extremely lucky!

  • Shakita

    Jehovah gave me the wrong anatomy!

    Mrs. Shakita

  • freedom96

    I believe that many people strive and desire, for recognition. That being the case, I think it is natural for people to want to become a MS.

    Personally, I would have thought it was cool, it would have meant more acceptance from those in the hall. But I never sought it out.

  • willdabeerman

    HELL NO I DIDNT! well yea at first i did. so i started kissing all the elders ases. more for my sec. fathers satisfaction is why i did it.and just as i was about to get appointed( i already had many of the responsibilitses) (sp).i opened my eyes and finally said the hell with this bullsh*t. so in my j/c they were all like you have so much potentiol (sp) and you are fairly popular. (damage control so i wouldent run my mouth). then i saw the hypocrisy involved and thats when i did what i did..so to answer yes at first then i was almost forced into it. but i am so glad i didnt

  • blondie

    Mrs. Shakita, I was going to say that too. Great minds!

    Actually, I have done some things normally done by MS due to lack of qualified brothers.


    Help with inventory of publications

    Keep the library current

    Buy and stock cleaning supplies

    Redraw territories on computer

    Count and slot magazines (so we could get to a movie on time)

    Blondie (the secret MS)

  • Xena

    We kept moving around to keep my hubby from being appointed...but they finally snagged him one night before a meeting to ask him the dreaded question....hhmmm how does it go again? "Is there any reason for you not to be appointed an MS?" or something like that...like you have much choice at THAT point!

    Anyway he never did make elder...*sob* we just weren't good enough *sob*

    Geez blondie all I got to do was clean toilets! NO FAIR!

  • blondie


    Oh, I cleaned toilets too. I was the best one there ever was. Could do both restrooms (5 stalls, 1 urinal) in less than 20 minutes ready to pass serious inspection.

    I am one capable woman/sister and I'm not the only one. I have met elders/brothers who are frustrated that they can't use sisters and have to use brothers who are not reliable. See, then the elder has to do it himself.

    Blondie (of the Huldah or Deborah class)

  • Xena

    lol Blondie you know what drove ME nuts? It was seeing an incompetent man fumbling around screwing everything up while a women who could do the job with one arm tied behind her back is having to take direction from HIM...

    my dad always said he would become a JW as soon as I cleaned a toilet.....talk about feeling like *"s" word* now!

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