Interesting phenomena regarding Witnesses

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  • got my forty homey?
    got my forty homey?

    In the illustration of the prodigal son when the Father saw his son returning in deplorable shape he ran to his son and threw him a big party. He did not tell his son to hang out regularly at his home for six months and then write a letter of reinstatement ETC,ETC,ETC.

    It kinda reminds me of the Pharasees who had hundreds of rules and regulations and forgot what true worship to God was all about. The Organization is a modern day Pharasee class. Where in the bible does it state to turn in field service report slips, that blood TRANSFUSIONS are violating Gods law on the sacredness of blood, that we must go in door to door service, procedures in reinstatement.

    I personally try not to have athiestic beliefs and try to live a good life, treat my neighbor as I would like him to treat me, but I cannot believe a true God would pick a earthly organization as stupid as the JW's. I truly realized this after I served one year in Bethel. That will open your eyes to a whole lot!

  • Singing Man
    Singing Man

    I always enjoy your posts, they are refreshing and pardon if I use this saying but "food at the proper time".


  • gumby
    I follow my heart, forsaking intellectual concepts and dogmas of the mind.

    Suppose the dubs were trained to follow this advise. I suppose that statement is a misnomer.

    If a dub followed his heart.....he could not remain a dub. The heart is torn in so many ways as a dub, that were a person to follow it instead of this Organisation......there would be no Organisation.

    Actually......would we even have religion as we know it......if people REALLY followed their heart?

    Anyone who lives by a law or code book.......written by a single individual or many.........can in no way follow their heart 100%, if the law/code book demands obeidience to it. It takes away your freedom of choice no matter how you slice it.


  • metatron

    Good Post!

    I've often thought that shunning comes too easily to most Witnesses. Take your observations and tie them together

    with other problems in the organization such as:

    Failing to care for elderly/invalid relatives ( lots of WT articles on this)

    Failing to organize any programs to stem the exodus of young Witnesses

    Emphasis of a often dead 'ministry' over charity

    Result: cold-heartedness, empty smiles, depression

    This is one of those situations that's so simple its overlooked.


  • Gadget

    This is a very good thread.

    I first read it this morning, and was surprised at how much it moved me, at how it made sense and it made me mad at the wtbts and everything. Thanks for posting it, and for bttp.

  • jgnat

    Very eloquently said. How in the heck did I miss this the first time? I have only been to a KH a few times, but that was enough to see that this is a flat organization, lacking life. Is it my imagination, or is the modern witness terrorized with fears both imagined and real, presented in the media and reinforced in the magazines? Even worse, is seeing young children eaten up by ancient fears.

  • Gadget

    I think this is a great thread, so back to the top for anyone who may have missed it.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee
    It seems that this forsaking of instinctive impulses -- of family over self -- is motivated by, or is a result of severe self-centeredness; a deep and wide rift from the rest of humanity; a cutting off of what -- I feel -- are our deeper and truer spiritual aspects or existence

    My thoughts on this are along the lines of that "New Personality" that replaces the true self. As people take on more of this WT defined New Personality they are forced into a cognitive dissonance - being presented with opposite beliefs. One has to give. To be able to live within the WT rules they must supress natural instincts and feelings and promote WT ideals.

    The cost is high - loss of true feelings, compassion, love of family and a healthy sense of right and wrong as well as the ability to think and feel for themselves.

  • DireStraitJacket


    some excellent points brought out here

  • seeitallclearlynow

    Thanks for bringing this back to the top DireStraitJacket. It's a excellent post by James Thomas!! I never saw it. This one really sums it up.

    And this one point I I want to highlight:

    ...because it doesn't even seem human.

    How very true! And James gave very good supporting information. Shunning one's family over religion is unnatural and so wrong.

    Thanks, belatedly, James Thomas!

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