Grave Concerns Over American Drinking Habits.

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  • meadow77

    Yeah-the only time I have ever seen someone "cut off" is when they start acting out of sorts or are causing trouble. But I did see a thing on the news just the other day about how they were gonna start passing more laws making bars responsible for cutting people off for being intoxicated. Sheesh, doesn't anybody have to take personal responsibilty anymore.

  • ApagaLaLuz

    Maybe they were trying to look responsible for the cameras. We have never been cut off. Usually they will only cut you off if you are completely sloshed.

    <-------had 2 shots of 151, 4 glasses of champaign, 3 bottles of 22 oz Coors Light, and 3 bottles of 12 oz Coors Light on Wednesday, and was not cut off

    CHEVY of the "boy them brits can drink me under the table" class

  • ballistic

    We have something called Absynth here. It is banned in some countries and they cannot sell you more than 2 shots. 8 shots can send you insane for 2 days and leave you dead. Great stuff!!!

  • LyinEyes

    I have never been cut off either from drinks, but we go to places we know all the bartenders. I am always with my hubby and if I go overboard he always watches out for me........ It is good to have someone you trust if you plan on partying ,like we did on New Years..... I had quite a few myself. chevy,,,,,, but I wont say how but I was not falling down drunk or making a fool of myself. But I have seen the bouncers throw many people out or cut them off because they want to start fights mostly.

    Let me tell you ,,,,,,when we left the club on New years,,,,, there were 5 police cars just waiting out of the door, I guess someone must have called them, or it would have been entrapment. But I have a desinated driver thank God, but I saw some that did not. There were alot of folks that had taxi cabs waiting for them and even limos.

    Most places , if you are with a group and you are the designated driver, will give you all the cokes you want.

  • ApagaLaLuz

    I'm very strict when it comes to drunk driving. We too had a designated driver on New Years. And we kept our celebration close to homeat places we were familiar with. I promoted a show for some friends bands and passed out fliers for the Free Ride Home program in our area....... and then I got sloshed, though I didn't throw up, fall down, pass out, start a fight, or sleep with anyone. So I suppose I was okay.

  • WildTurkey

    I want to be the designated drinker!!!!

  • yumbby

    I hate to be the serious one here, but I think I have an answer as to why she cut that guy off. I'm a waitress right now, and before we are allowed on the floor we have to go through a full day of alchol training, in which we are reminded over and over again, that if we allow someone to get drunk and then leave the restaurant,, and they get into an accident, we are the the one who will be named primarily in the lawsuit. Keep in mind that I only make 2.13 an hour,,, and I can be taken for everything I have if I allow some yo yo to drink more than 1 and 1/2 drinks per hour if they are eating and 1 drink per hour if they are eating. Crazy. You have to worry so much about getting sued, that you can't do anythink anymore.

  • yumbby

    Can you tell by my spelling that I am drinking right now???? southern comfort and coke. yum yum. but I am doing at home, thus saving a poor hapless waitress any needless pain and suffering.

  • Englishman
    Keep in mind that I only make 2.13 an hour,,,

    What? No minimum wage over there?

    The minimum wage is to be increased from 4.10 to 4.20 an hour, while the rate for workers aged 18 to 21 will also go up by 10p to 3.60 an hour. This is pounds sterling, BTW.

    That's around $6.20 per hour, which still doesn't seem much.


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  • yumbby

    Yep, we have minimum wage, but servers, (or wait staff) are exempt from law, said to make tips to cover the rest, so the restaurant is only required to pay half of minimum wage. We also have to tip out 3% of net sales to bar, bus and expo. It's a horrible scam. Believe me. We also are exempt from the law that says we get breaks. No breaks or lunch are required by restaurants. My husband who is a cook regulary works 10 hours without a break.

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