Grave Concerns Over American Drinking Habits.

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    E-man -- I didn't even know about it... [:|] I owuld love the opportunity to meet your family! Not very often you meet the ones from so far away!! Does anybody have the details? This month is my birthday, would be kinda fun to actually get out of the house and celebrate!

    [email protected]

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    I understand that a contingent from Texas, including some of my kids, is coming to Florida to greet you. If I can't make it, I will send a camera along and expect to get some good pictures of you.

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  • Simon

    Englishman, I must warn you that over there they have 'six packs' of beer ... which sounds great until you discover that the cans are iddy biddy 330ml coke can sized!

    Not like our manly 500ml cans of stella etc... that we quoff. Hell, we even have litre bottles of beer to save us going back to the fridge as often

    Glad to know that even though you live down south, you haven't gone soft and forgotten how to drink properly

  • wasasister

    People, People, PLEASE!!! E-man has entirely missed the point of the scene. Let me explain:

    The waitress cut off the gentleman after 3 cans of Budwieser because he might have poisoned himself if allowed to consume more. Everyone here knows that mass-produced canned beer is only slightly less tasty than donkey urine.

    The lady should be thanked for doing him this favor.

    When you come to the USA, be sure to order one of our fine "micro-brews", which will be much more to your liking than the watered down, skunky flavored swill served in cans or bottles. If you call in ahead, they can even let it warm up for you, since I know how Brits hate chilled beer or beverages of any sort.

    Wasa/hoping HL and E-man make it to the Pacific Northwest

  • Francois

    You going to Miami maybe? Since my expat Cuban in-laws live there, I could maybe meet you'uns there and show you how to enjoy all this freedom we have over here. Too bad I had to stop drinking, but that wouldn't stop you, of course.

    My favorite used to be Heineken's and Aass Bok and Nut Brown and, Guiness. See? Our beer is better than yours because OURS is imported. Yours is domestic (hic) - she what I mean?


  • WildHorses
    Englishman, I must warn you that over there they have 'six packs' of beer ... which sounds great until you discover that the cans are iddy biddy 330ml coke can sized!

    At least the beer stays cold until you finish a bottle.

  • The_Bad_Seed
    Well, in one scene, they all go into a bar / pub / whatever, for a few bevvies after a days work. However - and this is unbelievable - the waitress says she's cutting them off from further beers once they have downed 3 bottles of Bud each. 3 bottles! I mean.. well, words simply fail me here.

    ...much in the way Billy Bob Thorntons obvious lack of bodyweight could help save him from a breathalyzer test after licking the cap of any given beer. She was excerising her barkeep foresight by trying to keep Billy alive on the road for the possible further barhop romps the night had to offer.

  • ballistic

    I can't help but agree with Englishman. I don't know whether to repeat what happened to my mate in America when he asked what Lo -alcohol beer was, but I got the story wrong last time.

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